True Mother’s Message at HyoJeong Youth Blessing Festival

True Mother spoke to the youth at the HyoJeong Youth Blessing Festival which was held online at March 27, 2021, Cheongshim Peace World Center

Beloved second and third-generation youth of Cheon Il Guk from around the world! You are all True Parents’ sons and daughters. Isn’t that so? [Yes!] Through True Parents, may you grow beautifully and receive True Parents’ Blessing. Then Heavenly Parent will dwell with you. [Applause] Being a moment wherein Heavenly Parent’s dream and wish come true, it is essential that you accept this occasion in humility and gratitude. Heavenly Parent’s wish was to live with the children He loved on earth, embrace them, and bless their future so that they would all strive to be at their best in all aspects of life as they work toward a joyful and bright future. Heavenly Parent created us so that, based on our lives on earth, we can enjoy life in the eternal world, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After Father’s Ascension, from the outset I was making effort for your education. In particular, at the Aloha workshop (July 22, 2014), I called those of you who were born from the Blessing “pure water. This pure water, which is like the water of life, cannot stay stagnant.

You must continue to broaden your environment and become models for the world. You must live a life that shows how the future of someone that has received Heavenly Parent’s Blessing unfolds. So, while the True Parents, particularly True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, are here on earth, it is essential that you stand united with True Mother. Can we leave the 7.8 billion people of the world ignorant of Heavenly Parent’s dream? Living exemplary lives so that people come to know of the birth of True Parents, and come to participate in our True Family Movement, a movement with which Heavenly Parent dwells, is your hope and future. Do you understand? [Applause] The Creator… God, our Creator, is our Heavenly Parent. The Creator created all things in heaven and on earth and wished to realize his dream through the first human ancestors. The time for that dream to be realized was spring. It was a spring day. Therefore, I wish to sing a song for all of you. [Applause] This was a song I sang when I was still young, so I don’t know if it will come out well.

 Flow gently, spring breeze!
 Flow to me across the mountains and across the waters
 Flow softly so as not to disturb the baby sleeping in the shade of the tree.
 He is resting so gently on the warm hillock, dreaming among the fluttering butterflies
 So please flow gently so that he does not awaken.
 A calm brook flows happily along.
 In the clear sky a lark is singing, while the baby sleeps among the flowers.
 So please flow gently.
 Embrace the flowers that bloom each year without fail,
 embrace the butterflies and the bees and dance with these good friends. 

We will now greet the spring day, the anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding, when Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream, and your dream will be realized. Congratulations!

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