True Mother speaks at Worship Service of Hope

True Mother’s Message at the Heavenly Chungcheong Nation Worship Service of Hope which was held online on March 14, 2021 (2.2 by the heavenly calendar)

I love you all. I sincerely thank you, Regional President Ryu Gyeong-deuk, for saying on my behalf what I wanted to say to everyone. I have chosen the ‘Mugunghwa’ [the rose of Sharon, hibiscus] as the national flower of the Chungcheong nation. The meaning of the mugunghwa [the rose of Sharon, hibiscus] is ‘unchanging heart.’ Though there have been numerous twists and turns over the past 6,000 years in the course of completing God’s providence, the providence has steadfastly continued with the ultimate goal of absolutely reaching its conclusion. In the same way, it is with that unchanging heart that we must usher in the day of victory whereon God’s Will is realized centered on True Parents.

Until then, the mission of the nation of Chungcheong, represented by the unchanging mugunghwa flower [rose of Sharon], is essential, particularly in the central role of expanding Korea’s influence to the world. In particular, the mission of the Cheon Il Guk national university [Sun Moon University] is essential as the central framework where future leaders and talented people who will bring hope for the future are raised. I sincerely hope it will become a university advancing with an unchanging, unwavering heart toward the completion of God’s Will. Your dreams will surely be realized! Thank you.

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