True Parents’ Prayer at the 2021 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing

True Parents’ Prayer at the 2021 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Festival Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind Celebrating the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

April 25, 2021 (3.14 by the heavenly calendar in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk)

Blessing Prayer

Beloved Heavenly Parent!

You have been waiting throughout the long and difficult history of the providence of restoration through indemnity until this day. You, the Creator wished to embrace Your beloved sons and daughters in the original garden together with all things of creation.  

Sadly, due to the fall of those who should have become our ancestors, You had to go through the unspeakably difficult history of the providence of restoration and salvation through indemnity for six thousand years to establish the position of the Parents.

You have to realize your original Will without fail, and to do so You must find the victorious ancestors from among humankind. Due to Heaven’s effort, from among the ignorant human race, You sent the True Parents to the Korean Peninsula. Christianity was meant to prepare the environment for True Parents. Yet some Christians did not understand Heaven’s providence and made True Parents’ path more difficult through their opposition and persecution.

However, because we are the Parents and because we knew Heaven’s providence, and as the True Parents that must, without fail, bring its fulfillment on earth, we endured immeasurable hardship and persecution for some 60 years focused only on one day. We have been racing forward for 60 years because we knew the great blessing Heaven was seeking to realize.

Thus, Cheon Il Guk was proclaimed in 2013. Through the following 7-year course, we were able to bless nations, various religious groups, and a continent as we prepared the environment on earth in which we could attend Heavenly Parent.

Accordingly, in 2020, we proclaimed the firm establishment of Cheon Il Guk. Our blessed families, who know the providence, understand how long God and humankind have yearned for this day. When we look at the world’s 7.8 billion people it is the responsibility of the blessed families to guide them and lead them to the Blessing. This is something you must do while True Parents are still on earth.

On this day, a day celebrating the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding, a day that also marks a new beginning, 6,100 engaged couples from around the world are being born as blessed families through True Parents’ Blessing in the name of Heavenly Parent. When they fulfill their given responsibility in front of their nations and the world…. I have spoken about this.

The day when more than one-third of humankind know their Heavenly Parent and enter True Parents’ embrace is the day when the kingdom of heaven on earth, the day You have dreamed of and all people have wished for, can come. Your children who have received the Blessing today offer their gratitude and glory to You. They know that when they take responsibility, Heavenly Parent’s dream and the dream of humankind can be realized sooner. May they remember that when they fulfill their responsibility in every way, they will become loyal and heroic patriots who will be remembered forever in history in their nations and the world. Today is the day they pledge to run forward on that path; Heavenly Parent, please therefore accept this in joy.

Without a doubt, they will unwaveringly charge forward toward the completion of Cheon Il Guk—one family of humankind under Heavenly Parent—which is Heavenly Parent’s dream, and the desire of all people.

Therefore, True Parents offer their gratitude and glory to Heaven, and, believing that these couples will fulfill their responsibility, I proclaim and bless this all in True Parents’ name. Aju.

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