Jong-yong You

Rev. You is from the original 36 couples and gave this testimony almost 40 years ago in 1982, when Rev. You had already been a member for27 years.

Part 4 (final) (Click to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

A Christmas story

On December 25, 1955, we had a heavy snowfall; it was a white Christmas. Father gathered all the Seoul members together, about 70 in one room. We sang and talked together. The other Christian churches celebrated Christmas with candies and cakes, but we were too poor to do so.

That evening we ate popcorn. That year Father received three Christmas presents: a box of oranges, a box of cake, and a box of candies. Father said, “I will make lottery tickets and the winners will get them.” Everyone was pleased and excited. Father began preparing 70 lottery tickets.

As he was doing this, my grandfather suddenly appeared to me and said, “Tonight you will win the lottery.” He spoke very clearly, and I felt so much surprise. Who could predict the winner of a lottery?”

I began to wonder if I was losing my mind, if I was going crazy. People said that’s what happens when you join the Unification Church. I checked myself by pinching my leg, but I felt the normal degree of pain. I closed my eyes, and again my grandfather appeared to me saying, “Why don’t you believe me? You will win the lottery tonight. Pick out one of the papers from the middle of the basket, not the sides.”

By that time Father had finished making the tickets, mixed them up in the basket, and was distributing them to the members. He came to me. Following my grandfather’s instructions, I separated the pile of tickets into halves and picked out one from the middle. I grasped it tightly in my fist. At that time my attitude was very serious, thinking that if I won the lottery I would continue with the Unification Church forever; if not, I would say goodbye to it.

A few minutes later, Father told us to open our hands. All the members read their papers. One girl shouted with joy and happiness, for she had number 1. (She is now Col. Han’s wife.) A few seconds later a brother shouted out, “Here’s number 2.” He used to be president of II Hwa. But no one claimed number three. Three papers were still in the bamboo basket, because there were only 67 members in the room, instead of 70. Everyone supposed number three was still in the basket.

I was happy, for I thought I might have the third ticket. Very carefully, I unfolded my fingers and opened the paper. Number 3! I could not shout. Mr. Han, who was later a European Itinerary Worker was sitting next to me, so I told him I had number 3. In my place, he shouted it out, and all the brothers and sisters fastened their eyes on me. In particular, the two girl students stared.

I felt so ashamed. I had won Father’s lottery prize, but I couldn’t bear to shout out in joy. I was very poor. I had no money even to have my hair properly cut. My jacket was worn out, and I had not washed my undershirt for a month and so lice were crawling around underneath it. My situation was very serious. I was so poor I couldn’t shout out. The members thought that with my shaggy hair and worn-out clothes, I was a beggar—undeserving of Father’s prize.

But that night Mr. Lee, a high school teacher, composed a song about me. He is now president of the Unification Church in Korea; his wife remembers that song very well.

After this special Christmas eve, I studied the Divine Principle more and more. God guided me spiritually. I went through such persecution and suffering you wouldn’t be able to imagine, from both inside and outside the church. If God wants to give you revelation, you must suffer persecution. If you cannot go over that suffering, then God’s revelation will be useless, and you will be worthless.

Please believe my testimony. If you believe in my testimony, you will be blessed instead of me. As a small country boy at that time, I wondered how I could ever become famous throughout the world. (I’m not famous yet, but it may happen gradually, step by step.) I am already old, and you brothers and sisters are still young; still, I’m going to study your language. You in turn should study Korean.

Gaining spiritual help

When I was in Sweden, I visited the tomb of Emanuel Swedenborg. “Mr. Swedenborg,” I prayed, “you were the first man to testify to the existence of the spirit world while you were on earth. From now on you will witness about our True Parents and about the kingdom of heaven on earth. “

All the Swedish members were surprised. “How can you give him orders?” they asked.

“I am God’s son,” I replied; “you are God’s sons and daughters; he’s only an adopted son, so I can give him an order.”

So you brothers and sisters should have confidence that if you try your best for God, you can do anything. Many problems face you, but as you resolve these problems, your country will be blessed. Without such problems, those blessings cannot come.

If you suffer any persecution, don’t worry, for God will automatically be there and help you gain a great victory. Unless you experience persecution and suffering, God cannot give you great blessings.

The value of spiritual children

At the beginning of this talk, I promised to explain how we can enjoy eternal life. The key is witnessing.

The saddest man in the world is the man who has no object of love. In our heart, in our mind, we are full of love, but we need to love a person. We must have an object of our love. Why are we eager to have children? In order to love. If we have no children, we cannot fully express our love. Who is the very best object of our love? It would be our own son or daughter.

The relationship between parent and child is an emotional one; all other relationships can change, but the emotion flowing between parents and children is unchanging. So we need children to love. The saddest man in the world is the man who has no children. In the kingdom of heaven, we will have no need for bread, cheese, clothes, or such things—all we need is true love. True love is the source of eternal life and happiness.

If you don’t have spiritual children, how can you find love in the spiritual world? Our members should find at least 12 spiritual children. It’s God’s spiritual law that in order to pass through all 12 golden gates of heaven, you need at least 12 spiritual children. When I saw the kingdom of heaven, I realized that. After studying Divine Principle, I went to the countryside to pioneer so I could find many spiritual children.

In order to love your own blessed children, you will need to love spiritual children first. Your own blessed children will be your Abel lineage, and your spiritual children will be your Cain lineage—you need both.

The purpose of restoration is to restore Adam’s family; after the Blessing, you are in the position of Adam, and your wife is in the position of Eve. In that position, you should gain Cain children and Abel children. Your blessed children are Abel, but for them to take that position, you need spiritual children first. By restoring Adam’s family in this way, you build your relationship to God. God can only work on a foundation; the kind of foundation you must build as a family.

In Korea, there is a saying, “If you love your child, you should give him the whip. If you don’t love him, please give him delicious bread and candy.” If I didn’t love you, I would let you play ping-pong all day. If I didn’t love you, I couldn’t punch you, but since I do love you, I can.

If you witness through suffering, God’s blessing will come to you. If you want to live forever, please witness. Can you make a promise to continue to witness, to witness every day? Without gaining spiritual children, you will not experience eternal spiritual life to the fullest extent. Resolve to fulfill this, and please remember your promise.

Some years ago, True Mother especially asked Rev. You and his wife to continue their work in Malaysia. Though they are well into their 80s, they are still active missionaries.

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