Jong-yong You

Rev. You is from the original 36 couples, and later became national messiah to Malaysia. The following spiritual testimony was given almost 40 years ago in 1982, when Rev. You had already been a member for27 years.

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Visiting the spiritual realm

One night a couple of weeks later, during prayer, I suddenly lost consciousness of my surroundings and found myself walking through a green meadow. I knew intuitively that if I continued walking, I would meet Jesus Christ. Ahead of me were two tall, straight pine trees, such as I had never seen in Korea. Between the two trees was a big house. Opening the gate, I saw three angels. They told me they were waiting for me, and guided me through another door, which opened into a big hall.

There I saw Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. “You are a very lucky boy,” Jesus told me. “Your Unification Church is on earth, in my place. Now it is very small, but in the near future it will be the strongest and most famous in the world. It will be accused and persecuted, but don’t worry about that. If you study Divine Principle, you can understand everything. You also will be accused and persecuted, but don’t worry. Your church has a new truth; study it. If you do, you will be number one in the world.” Then he asked me if I would like to meet God. Very pleased, I answered yes.

The three angels were called back. They came bringing a big round basket-like, vechicle, a bit like a flying saucer. I got inside, and one of them steered. We flew far, far away, and in a few minutes landed in a special place. There were three stages covered with golden carpet, but the angels told me I could walk up only two. Walking through a golden gate, I found a hall with white rays, like rays from the sun, shining from every comer. I entered, and from one corner God spoke. “You are a very fortunate young man. I chose you especially tonight. From now on, everywhere you go, I will be with you; whatever you want to do, I will help you. Your church has the second Jesus. (At that time, I didn’t know what the second Jesus was.) “Your church has the new teaching, which is My Word. At present your church is small, but in the future your church will be world-famous and be the strongest of all. It will be persecuted, but don’t worry about that.”

“You should study My Word,” he continued. “After going back, take a week off from school and devote yourself to study. If you study My Word for one week, you can understand everything. Can you make this promise?”

And I said, “Yes, I can.”

“If you study My new Word, you will be famous throughout the world.” Actually, these were the same three promises my ancestors had given to my elder brother.

“Tonight I will give you evidence. Would you like to meet your father and mother?”

I was surprised. How could I meet my father and mother who had died? A few minutes later they both appeared, and I saw their faces. But God cautioned me. “It’s not time to speak to each other yet.” They only smiled at me; I smiled back, and then they disappeared.

God again spoke, “Can you believe Me? If you believe in Me, you will be happy. Please stop going to the university and study My new Word. Wherever you go I will be with you; whatever you want to do, I will help you.”

On the one hand, I was so pleased, but on the other, I felt very strange. Again God asked me, “Can you keep your promise?” I agreed, and returning to the place where the angels were, I was escorted back to Jesus. Jesus told me to go back, and I returned to the two big pine trees and the large meadow. After crossing the meadow, I awakened. My vision had lasted almost three hours.

The next morning I was of two minds. My goal was to study, so how could I take a week off from the university? Believing I could study Divine Principle later, I continued attending classes.

Yet again one day I suddenly found myself walking through the green meadow, where I saw the three angels, and was taken to Jesus Christ. This time he scolded me, “Why didn’t you keep your promise? If you keep your promise you will be blessed and be the first in the world.” After scolding me for a while, he asked me if I would like to see all of the kingdom of heaven. I was pleased and said yes.

The three angels again guided me into the basket vehicle, and this time we landed in an almost endless field of flowers-thousands of colors and sizes with butterflies and bees hovering around. The angels took me to many other places more beautiful than anything on earth. There was a stream of crystal-clear water, where I washed my hands, my face and even my feet. (Someday, when you go to the kingdom of heaven, you also will wash yourselves with crystal-clear water. At that moment, remember Mr. You who visited you in Paris and told you about that water!)

I saw many houses, with dome-like roofs. The angels told me that all the houses were empty, and again I was surprised. There had been many popes, ministers, elders, saints – were they not spiritual ghosts? (At that time I believed in ghosts.) But I didn’t ask the angels why all the houses were empty.

Returning to Jesus, I was reminded again to keep my promise. I awoke resolved to do so.

This is my beloved son

The next morning, instead of going to the university, I went to the church. Mr. Eu gave lectures from morning until evening, but around noon that same young man walked into our lecture room. Astonished, Mr. Eu stopped lecturing and stepped aside. Then that strange big-jacketed, American-trousered young man stood at the blackboard and started to explain. He talked about the four-position foundation and about God’s heart, but during his explanation I became angry. Why is he interfering with our work? Why does he disturb our lecture? In my mind I wanted to hit him. Just at that moment I heard a voice from above saying, “This is My beloved son. Why do you judge men externally? You should understand them internally.” Three times I heard this voice.

Suddenly I remembered that while I had been with God, He had told me that there was a second Jesus. Remembering this, I realized that this man was God’s beloved son. With better understanding, I studied Divine Principle more and more.

That was so many ears ago. I am telling you things I heard with my own ears, saw with my own eyes, and felt with my own hands—I cannot deny my experiences. While some of you were just being born, I was joining the Unification Church. Throughout my life I have suffered much persecution, not only from outside the church but even from inside. (Someday you may understand why we should go through heavy persecution even inside the church.)

I am the representative ugly man

Some people think I am strange, and I am certainly not handsome. One day Father told me, “Mr. You, you are the ugliest man in the world. When I see you, I don’t feel so good, because you are so ugly.” And I answered, “That’s okay, Father. Let me be the representative of all the ugly men. Will you allow that?” And Father said okay. (So if you think you are not handsome or beautiful, let’s get together; I will give you a pass to get to heaven! When I visited Norway, I asked who among the brothers and sisters thought they were handsome or beautiful. No one raised a hand. So I told them that they were really my brothers and sisters! Maybe I can accept a handsome man as my cousin, but not as my brother!)

I didn’t return to my home village for seven years. As I told you, I had left my younger brothers and sisters there. Of course they were angry. One day one of my brothers set my house on fire. “We don’t want to live any more if our elder brother abandons us,” they told me. But eventually all of my brothers and sisters, and also my nieces and nephews, joined the church and were blessed. The brother who set my house on fire became one of the 124 blessed couples.

Don’t worry about persecution. Without being willing to endure persecution, suffering or even torture, if you still want to receive God’s blessing, then you have the mind of a thief. Going through persecution and problems shouldn’t worry you. If you unite strongly together, then automatically God will work among you. A son might think that if his father is the president of something, then he can be proud. But who do we have for a father? Our Heavenly Father is God.

Continued next week….

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