True Mother’s Words at True Parents’ Birthday

True Mother’s Message at the Celebration of True Parents’ Birthday and the 8th Anniversary of Foundation Day which was held on 1.13 by the heavenly calendar in the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk (February 24, 2021)

Leaders from all walks of life under the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, and particularly blessed families of the Family Federation, I am truly happy to see you. I love you all!

Today, we are beginning a new history…. We have observed seven anniversaries since the doors to the kingdom of heaven on earth opened, a world that our Heavenly Parent and all people have so longed to see, one in which all people live as one peaceful family under God. And this year marks the eighth anniversary. 

Our Creator created everything in heaven and on earth. He had a dream. To achieve that dream, He created a man and woman as the first ancestors of humanity and raised them in complete devotion in anticipation of the day they would completely and beautifully mature in heart through absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Sadly, the man and woman created to be the first human ancestors fell away before completely maturing their hearts. By this I mean they fell to a position completely cut off from God, our Creator.

Our Creator is the Alpha and the Omega. Hence, whatever He begins, He must see the results. This, however, initiated the sad, heart-wrenching providential history of salvation that has lasted for a long 6,000 years. Until God could send the True Parents, the true ancestors on earth, who could substantially realize His Will on earth, His path was one of indescribable continuous pain. You cannot imagine how much God had to wait and endure.

Two thousand years ago, God sent Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, through the people of Israel, His chosen people. Yet, they did not know of Jesus’ existence or value. Neither Jesus’ own parents, nor the religious leaders nor the people of that time could provide a supportive environment for Jesus.

Jesus, who had lost all his support, could only go the way of the cross. There were two thieves that were also crucified with him. The thief on the left reviled Jesus, who was to his right. The thief on Jesus’s right side, however, rebuked the other thief, saying that Jesus was innocent. Then Jesus told the thief on the right, “I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” Jesus said paradise. Later Jesus said He would return.

You need to be aware of this. This is the time to see the fulfillment of the providence. Hence, you must know of the truth – you need to know Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s hope.

Many religions have emerged throughout history. However, these religions could only aim at individual salvation at the most. Yet the Creator’s principle of creation is for the perfection of a family. A man and a woman are meant to attain maturity of heart, receive Heavenly Parent’s Blessing, raise their children on earth together with Heavenly Parent, and live each day in gratitude to Heaven, singing songs of love. Our Creator’s dream was for such a beautiful kingdom of heaven on earth.

Putting this another way, our Creator is the Heavenly Parent of all of humankind. However, the sorrowful reality is that God could not embrace everyone as our Parent. Now, thanks to True Parents who have brought providential history to its conclusion, we have come to know that the Creator is our Heavenly Parent.

Knowing about the Heavenly Parent, however, does not mean you can stand before Him. As fallen people, everyone must set up indemnity conditions, receive the Blessing of rebirth and resurrection from the True Parents, and then complete their heavenly tribal messiah responsibility as blessed families.

Today, it is not only our own family that is to be saved. Our blessed families have the responsibility for the salvation and liberation of even their ancestors. Only then can there be hope for the future.

In the midst of this, True Parents knew God’s hope and fervent, desperate dream for which He could wait no longer. Even in the situation of not having the Christian foundation to support us, as we were the True Parents we have been running, not wasting even a moment, for sixty or so years to create the environment through which God can embrace the world, one in which humanity can live as one family. Heaven has been with us throughout, and has sent to us, within this environment, many prophets and righteous people that He had prepared.

Human history has been plagued by wars and conflicts for 6,000 years due to the Fall, and it has multiplied into too many countries and people to be able to make it into heaven on earth overnight. All the religious leaders that Heaven has prepared over time must take responsibility to accomplish this, but they are unable to explain the fundamental nature of the Creator. In short, they are dealing only with personal salvation.

God’s creation is about the perfection of the family. The path for fallen people to come before the Heavenly Parent is only through True Parents. Blessed families that have received the Blessing through True Parents each have their own responsibility. The point at which that responsibility is fulfilled is when you become a triumphant Cheonbo family with the eternal qualifications of having established Cheon Il Guk.

With the passing years, you are moving—together with the only begotten Daughter, who is on earth today—toward the completion of Heaven’s providence as tribal messiahs and victorious families inducted as Cheonbo. This time when you can hold this qualification is really your golden age.

By 2027, when the 60th anniversary of Heavenly Parent’s Day will be celebrated, those who know the True Parents and know the Family Federation need to change. If a snake does not shed its skin, it cannot grow larger. The pain of peeling off the skin is indescribable, but it must be done.

I say this because the leaders and members of all the religious groups that have connected with us up to this point must qualify as the people of Cheon Il Guk. In the future, only those who have emerged triumphant as blessed couples and Cheonbo couples can have the name of religious leaders in the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community. Do you understand what I mean?

New wine lasts only when it is put into new wine skins. To break away from existing institutional norms and become sons or daughters that realize Heavenly Parent’s dream and meet the qualifications that the Heavenly Parent desires to see within the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, they must receive the Blessing and fulfill their responsibility as blessed couples. Only then can they become the true children of the Heavenly Parent that can lead their lives in the heavenly kingdom on earth and in the spirit world for eternity.

For this reason, Jesus said he would come again. He said that when he came, he would hold the marriage supper of the lamb. What do these words mean? They are about becoming parents. Parents! Today I beg all of you. I hope you will not miss this golden age given by Heaven, this blessing. Today, therefore, I have blessed all leaders around the world to become the sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent who are fully qualified for Cheon Il Guk.

Thank you.

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