Meeting God Face to Face – Part 2

by Ann Dubois

One sister writes of her experiences with the True Family during their stay in England in 1978. This story first appeared in Today’s World magazine in 1990.

Part 2 (Click here to read Part 1)

Father was in England for two weeks when he announced the European Blessing. People were arriving day and night. Father was matching for two days. The Blessing took place on Sunday, May 21, 1978. The stairs were filled with brides and grooms as they waited to file into the Ballroom, which had been decorated in white and gold. Many of the parents and families of the Blessing participants came to witness that big event. Father and Ye Jin Nim conducted the Blessing [118 couples]. It was a very special time in the Lancaster Gate headquarters. There was a powerful spirit everywhere. But it was not an easy time for many of the couples nor for Father, who said later that it had been heavy and difficult for that particular Blessing, which became an incredible victory for Europe.

Father went up to Scotland for some time, and it seemed that my time with Father might be at an end because I had to go to the hospital for an operation. By the time I returned to Lancaster Gate from the hospital, many of the True Children had arrived and it was a very busy situation. I knew I wouldn’t be running around due to my operation, so I never imagined I would be with the True Family again. One day, however, the national leader’s wife, Doris Orme and Lady Dr. Kim asked me if I could sew something for Ye Jin Nim.

Encountering True Family members

Father had bought the children some clothes and they needed small alterations. I was very happy to do that. After that came a succession of clothes to be altered for several of the children and some leaders.

Ye Jin Nim stayed fairly constantly in Lancaster Gate, but the other children came in turns from America. For all of us it was quite an experience to work and live with the True Family. At that time not so many people were blessed or had children, so the True Children seemed a little bit like imaginary beings for us. I don’t really know what we all expected, but actually the True Children were like any other children in many ways, yet totally unlike them in others.

The boys especially were young and very alive. They would race through Lancaster Gate like on a football field, crashing open doors. They often ate in the kitchen because Father’s table was full of members. The children were very sensitive and giving. Once, In Jin Nim went to visit one sister who had just had a baby and asked very concernedly how she felt. Ye Jin Nim would always offer fruit or cookies to the brothers and sisters. Pledge was a must to the True Children, even the smallest of them. Once, one of the girls was sick, but she still attended Pledge; it was too important for her to miss.

Assisting Mother
Towards the end of July, Mother arrived. She had just given birth to her tenth child. Her new baby was only three weeks old. I felt sad that she had to leave him so young, and I wondered if I would be able to do that. The boy, Young Jin Nim, was a big baby, more than ten pounds at birth. The birth had been difficult, Mother told me later. She was very tired and her health was not so strong at that point so she took much herbal medicine. Mother never shared this difficulty with anyone. She was so radiant and always giving out, and so supportive of Father. Her genuine love and concern for every­one was very stunning.

I had a most wonderful opportunity to be with Mother. I did some sewing and hairdressing for Mother and the True Family. I began to do Mother’s hair almost as soon as she arrived, and the first thing I sewed for her was a lovely trouser suit made of pale green wool. The suit was well-tailored but the trousers were unlined and the material uncomfortable on the skin, so Mother asked me to line them. I concentrated very hard on that lining, since it was the first thing I’d ever done for Mother.

The first time I met Mother closely was in her room. I was surprised at her clear English. She spoke well, with almost no accent, and she had a radiant smile that warmed your heart. A calmness and peacefulness radiated from her, yet she had a strong will and self-confidence. I could feel that she knew Father’s course very deeply. She pioneered her own path as a true woman and understood the very essence of a woman’s heart.

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  1. Bénédicte Suzuki says:

    It brings back beautiful memories of when i was in lancaster gate helping in the kitchen with Lady Dr Kim and 4 other sisters. We were helping for the cooking and the dishes. Many times, the first son of True Father, Sung Jin Nim, came to eat in the kitchen. True Father would call Lady Dr Kim to have him come eat upstairs with him and the leaders, but he always refused quietly. True Father then would have Rev Won Pil Kim to come down to the kitchen to eat with him. And Lady Dr Kim would cook for them.
    Thank you for your testimony it was moving to remember those things!

  2. Randy & Kumiko Francis USA says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious memories.

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