Father’s Life in His Own Words – Part 4

This story is Father’s personal testimony. It consists of extracts from Father’s speeches given over 5 decades and arranged in order.

Part 4

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God prepared the eldest son

I have a different origin. To say it once again, my origin, I think, is different from those of you here in Korea. Our ancestors were special. Are you upset? Are there any Mr. Moons among you? Raise your hands!

You might say, “How dare you neglect us? We are also the children of blessed families.” Yet my birth was on the basis of stronger conditions, under Heaven’s plan. The standard necessary for God to allow me to be born was on the basis of a preparation of the lineage even beyond that of those of you born from blessed parents.

For decades, I struggled to uncover absolute truth. Along the way, I suffered more than you or anyone ever could imagine. Such blessing cannot be inherited without a foundation. It is contrary to reason. If you were born in a family, you have to love the representative—who might be your parent or the king of the country—to the point that the mark your love leaves is admired by your descendants forever. Then you can be a family heir. That is the principle of inheritance; so it cannot just be done any way you think fit.

Therefore, the day will come that people will love the Moon tribe. I mean, the day will come when they will respect the Moon tribe and attend other members of that tribe as you attend me. You should stand on God’s side and pray to God. This practice should be set up as an unchanging tradition.

There should be the eldest son with the birthright of Heaven. The heavenly birthright! In order to connect to the world, the Moon tribe had to go beyond the national level. The eldest son of the Moon tribe with the birthright is like the high priest and should become a leader of all the world’s representatives.

What will become of a man who is making effort for others’ sake? He will become a central figure. If you keep on working in your country’s public interest, you Moons will come to constitute the central tribe, and the day when the Moon tribe can inherit heavenly blessings will draw near. [Applause]

Any volunteers who want to live like that with me, raise your hands and let’s pledge to do it together!

Chaos and the birth of True Father

Modern history since World War I is composed of a succession of entanglements and wars throughout the world. You have already learned that history does not proceed in an accidental manner, but moves in relation to the indemnity conditions people set. Judging from that viewpoint, it is natural to conclude that God surely prepares for a new age in the middle of this chaotic situation, the Last Days. Therefore, World War I was a challenge to humankind on the global level, a matter of life or death for all the people of the world.

Usually everything becomes clear within three years of a major incident occurring. I was born three years after 1917, in 1920. Even though I am now known as Rev. Moon, I was not Rev. Moon then.

Our trials and the March 1 Independence Movement

Korea was then Japanese territory. It could he said that I was born in Japan. Japan ruled Korea for forty years. So I was born under Japanese sovereignty. Because the new Adam was to be born in Korea in the near future, Japan desperately persecuted Korea.

The 1920s was a time of privation in Korea. The country was experiencing difficulties because of three years of bad harvests. And an uprising, the March 1 Independence Movement, of Koreans fighting against Japanese domination, occurred around that time. I was born in the second year of those three years of poor harvests, which began in 1919 when the March 1 Movement broke out. In the middle of that severe trial, on the foundation of my family’s suffering, connected with the March 1 Independence Movement, I was born.

The leaders of the March 1 Movement were religious men. They were, for the most part, Christians. They had an eye for a new direction, not toward Imperialist Japan but toward the United Sates. Going through the process, Korea soaked up Christian culture rapidly and deeply.

The patriot Yoo Gwan-soon, who died a martyr for the cause of Korean liberation at the age of sixteen, was in the same position as Eve before the Fall. She was Eve in Adam’s country. The body of the patriot Yoo Gwan-soon, who was in the position of Eve, was divided into six parts. The number six belongs to Satan. Miss Yoo Gwan-soon was actively engaged in the Independence Movement, sacrificing herself out of loyalty. I was in the body of my mother as the 1919 Independence Movement swirled into motion.

I shouldn’t emerge in a country that wasn’t independent. There was a war with my life at the center. Ten months from that time, I was born, in 1920. It was on behalf of all Korean women with the heavenly heart to indemnify Eve’s sin and to preserve the land of Korea that Yoo Gwan-soon died. From the providential viewpoint, God carried the providence to Japan on the basis of the national foundation created.

Troubles in the family

I often heard stories of my family having to live on pine tree bark… That pine bark was the food they lived on while I was in my mother’s womb. It seems that God loves me nowadays. But why was He so harsh in the days when I was born? He pushed my family into a deep ravine and harried them to death, all the members of my family…. That is our history. Because I am aware of the law of indemnity, I can understand the real state of things. If I were not aware of it, I might say that everything must be a lie. All the relatives in my family—from my cousins to my third uncles—paid indemnity. With my birth, my house went to ruin. Until I was fifteen years old, my family and relatives experienced trouble.

Birth of a baby (1.6, 1920), Gregorian calendar: February 25, 1920

When looking on at True Parents’ birthday celebration, with people from countries all over the world filling a hall, does God envy me, or not? Why should He be happy? Because I am God’s son. Therefore, far from envying me, He must love it that you are celebrating my birthday. Just as you are happy when preparing for your child’s birthday, God is also happy to celebrate His son’s birthday.

Who knows if the children not born due to the practice of birth control could have become the representatives of all their ancestors or have taken care of the heavenly will on behalf of their nation? If my father and mother had practiced birth control, would I have been born? [Laughter] My mother gave birth to thirteen children.

I might be identified as the little kid from the “Osan House.”7 Because I had small eyes, if anyone said “Osan House Little Eyes,” all the villagers knew that meant me. My eyes were so small that, right after she gave birth to me, my mother examined my face to see if I even had eyes. [Laughter] Finding my batting eyes, she felt relieved. [Laughter] Such eyes are necessary for me. My small eyes show I have the aptitude to be a religious leader. When the lens of a camera is contracted, the focus is on things in the distance. Take a look at my nose. From its shape, you can see I will not listen to anyone. [Laughter]

I seem to have been a handsome baby. When I got on the train on my mother’s back, people would gather around me and want to hold me in their arms.

In those days, there were no hospitals in rural areas. We had to take the train to go to a hospital in Sonchon from Chongju. There was a hospital founded by a Christian Church. One day my mother took me there by train. People saw the infant nestling in his mother’s arms, and one lady said, “What a lovely child he is! I wish I could hold him in my arms! If I could, my family would be blessed.” Perhaps she was a woman who was really looking for a child, or a barren woman. But she really wanted to hold that baby in her arms.

Meaning of the name Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon is my name. Moon means truth, and sun means to reveal itself clearly. The character for sun is a compound of the characters for “land” and “sea.” How about the character for myung? It combines the characters for the sun and moon. These meanings are relational. Sun and moon must be bound up with truth, as must the land and sea. They should then make one world. Sun-myung, my name, means to be aligned with the proper order with a quality of purity that cannot be criticized from any corner.

Then what does “True Father” mean? It is someone who is everyone’s father. What will you become by loving the father of all humanity? You will inherit from that father.

Now, what am I? At the same time as being Father, I came with the kingship. The kingship over a nation must be established and then…

It is said that on the day Jung Do Ryung [“the one who guides the right path”] comes, he will receive tribute from seventy countries or so. The book seems to have pointed to the Unification Church itself. [Yes!] [Applause]

And there is another book named KyugamYurok [written in the 16th century]. It came out after the Chong-gam-rok. It predicted my name from that early time.

To be continued next week.

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