Jong-yong You

Rev. You is from the original 36 couples, and later became national messiah to Malaysia. The following spiritual testimony was given in 1982.

Part 2 (Click to read Part 1)

The next problem was how to survive at school. A few days after school started, a friend who had a little money came by and suggested that I share a room with him and we cook for ourselves. However, after six months we had spent all his money and our rice ran out. Many times we went hungry for days at a time. One evening, we climbed a small hill near the town and there fell into a deep conversation about the Korean political situation and current social problems. Two student girls passed us. To tease them, I picked up a small pebble and tossed it at one of the girls. Hit in the forehead, she was startled and looked back. She smiled, though. Her reaction was unusual, for under the same circumstances other girls would have shouted, “You dreadful creeps; we’ll get you for that!” These two were smiling.

“Maybe they like us,” my friend joked. But we never expected to meet them again. Two days later, however, the same two girls stopped at our landlord’s new grocery shop to buy something. Out of compassion for us, the landlord suggested that the girls help us. (Our landlord wanted to help us because he thought we were intelligent, clever and hard-working. In actuality, we weren’t so intelligent or clever.) “Those two boys have had nothing to eat for several days,” he explained. “I know you are rich men’s daughters; please help them.”

We hesitated to beg from girl students, but the landlord persuaded us to go to their place. Without rice or money, we didn’t have much choice.

Rather than feeding us, however, one of the girls immediately took out her notebook, picked up a pencil, and began explaining something. Two hours passed. We hadn’t eaten, and it was well past lunchtime. We were really hungry, but being Korean men, and having the strong pride typical of Korean men, we couldn’t tell them we didn’t want to hear their lecture.

At the end of the two hours, they asked us if we could understand their explanation.

“We cannot understand anything!” I said; and the girl flushed with embarrassment. Then they brought some candy and some bread. Even though we were so hungry, our pride was stronger. “Oh, it’s okay, we have a lot of bread and snacks,” my friend replied. Neither of us touched it. But before we left, we did take some with us, which we ate for dinner that evening.

The following day, the girls came to apologize, “We are very sorry about yesterday; we wanted to explain everything well, but we are not good lecturers. We have a center, however. If you come with us, you can hear the Divine Principle from someone else, and you will be able to understand everything. Please, come with us.”

To go or not to go?

They gradually wore down my resistance, and my friend also agreed to go; but first he inquired among his friends at the university about the Unification Church, telling them about our invitation. Yin Sun University, which my friend was attending, is a famous Christian university. His friends were surprised. “Mr. Han, didn’t you see the newspapers? That is a strange church. Don’t go. If you do, you will lose your mind. We heard that often the members go crazy; the young people run around naked, they jump up to the ceiling, and sometimes even dance!”

My friend rushed back to our room and related the information. I was surprised, but told him I could not believe such things. “If they are really like that, we should go and check. If those things are true, we should publicize those evils and destroy that church.” But my friend no longer wanted to go.

Before setting out alone for the church center, as precautionary measures, I tied two belts around my waist and fastened my sleeve ends and trouser legs securely.

You could hardly imagine a smaller place. Upstairs there were two very small rooms: one was the lecture room, the other, very tiny, was probably Father’s, though I only realized that later. The late President Eu gave a lecture to three girls and me.

During the lecture, I kept looking behind me to see what was happening. Who will be naked? I wondered. But nobody was naked. It was still morning, and I supposed it might happen in the afternoon. But the afternoon came and went, and nobody was undressed, even though I checked many times. After the lecture, I approached one of the girls and whispered in her ear, “I heard that if you come here, all the young people will be naked, jumping up and down, and dancing. But nothing has happened. Why aren’t you naked today?”

Her face turned red. She too had heard the rumors, she replied. “I am a Christian, but all the Christians slander the Unification Church and plot against us. Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Then I thought about Copernicus. Before his time, everyone thought the earth was flat and unmoving. But Copernicus proclaimed, “The earth is round and moves, and it rotates.” If the earth were round, people feared that everyone would fall off. So he was accused, denounced and persecuted. He proclaimed the truth that he had discovered. Then why did people persecute him? I saw similarities between the situation of the Unification Church and Copernicus, although I didn’t then know whether the Unification Church and the Divine Principle were true.

Mr. Eu gave a logical discourse. I knew that not all religions explain their doctrines logically or scientifically. I felt I should study more, and if it was the truth, I should spread it to all the world.

Three days later I met Mr. Eu in front of the gate and told him I wanted to hear more. “Mr. You,” he replied, “Thank you for coming, but I have something to do right now; how about coming next week?” I agreed to his suggestion. On my way home, I saw in the newspaper that he had been arrested, along with Mr. Moon and Won Pil Kim. [This was in July 1955.]

I returned to my village for the summer vacation, and came back to Seoul when school resumed. While preparing to purchase a tram ticket one day, I again met the same two girls. They bought a one-month tram pass and gave it to me. “Please use it to come to our church service every Sunday. We have moved to Cheongpa Dong.” [The Cheongpa-dong church was acquired in October 1955, and was the third location of our church in Seoul.]

The next Sunday I went. This time a young man was there, wearing a zippered jacket a couple sizes too large. He had on American army trousers, also much too big for him. His looks immediately struck me as strange. He sat down at the front of the congregation on his knees. Mr. Eu was sitting on a chair, nicely groomed, wearing a white shirt, a tie, and a good jacket. I presumed he was the leader of the church and the other young man perhaps in charge of the youth meetings.

But that Sunday, it was the ”youth leader” who gave the sermon, a sermon bathed in tears and sweat. I can remember only a few words. “We will unite all religions; our Unification Church will spread all over the world. Now we are very poor, but in the future we will be the richest church in the world.” How could anyone believe this? I like Divine Principle, I reflected, but I could not believe this young man’s sermon.

Jesus told me to study the Principle

After that Sunday, I prayed every evening, not for the church, not for God, but for my own situation. One night a couple of weeks later, during prayer, I suddenly lost consciousness of my surroundings and found myself walking through a green meadow. I knew intuitively that if I continued walking, I would meet Jesus Christ. Ahead of me were two tall, straight pine trees, such as I had never seen in Korea. Between the two trees was a big house. Opening the gate, I saw three angels. They told me they were waiting for me, and guided me through another door, which opened into a big hall.

There I saw Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. “You are a very lucky young man,” Jesus told me. “Your Unification Church is on earth, in place of me. Now it is very small, but in the near future it will be the strongest and most famous in the world. It will be accused and persecuted, but don’t worry about that. If you study Divine Principle, you can understand everything. You also will be accused and persecuted, but don’t worry: your church has a new understanding of truth. Study it. If you do, you will be number one in the world.”

To be continued (part 3) next week.

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