True Mother’s message: Azalea is the “Joy of Love”

True Mother’s message at the Heavenly Gyeongin Nation Worship Service of Hope for the Realization of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Heavenly Unified Korea which was held on February 21, 2021, Cheon Jeong Gung and Cheon Bok Gung as well as online

Blessed families, members, and ambassadors for peace participating in today’s worship service!

Heaven has allowed us this time filled with grace and inspiration, and thus, I would like to present the nation of Gyeongin, subregion 1 of Korea, with the azalea as its national flower.

As a spring flower, the azalea blossoms with beautiful flowers for an exceptionally long time. The “flower” meaning of the azalea is the “joy of love.”

In keeping with the meaning of this flower, may not only the people of the Gyeongin nation but also this entire nation of Korea come to fully experience the joy of love. I sincerely hope that this nation will become one that attends our Heavenly Parent, the embodiment of grace, receives True Parents’ teachings, and thereby fulfills its mission and responsibility as the chosen people blessed by God. I hope that the nation of Gyeongin will come to play the role of a locomotive in drawing this whole country to stand as an exemplary one in front of the world. 

True Parents really love azaleas. In the spring at East Garden, the azaleas were in full bloom until May. It is a truly beautiful garden. Many providential accomplishments occurred there. We conducted the providence for forty or so years in the United States with the hope that by establishing the United States within providential history, Korea would become a country that could fulfill its responsibility as the chosen people and as Heavenly Parent’s homeland.

This we did solely to realize the dream of Heavenly Parent and this nation…. It was the providence conducted to realize humanity’s hope and Heavenly Parent’s dream of embracing everyone in His love, realizing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and living together in joy.  

I am making the azalea the national flower of subregion 1, as it is the representative political, economic, and cultural center of this country. It is with the hope that the people of Korea can properly know of God’s providence and fulfill their filial duty and loyalty as citizens of Cheon Il Guk that I give the azalea to the nation of Gyeongin. I love you!


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