True Mother’s Message at the Special (Online) Meeting of Korean Pastors

January 25, 2021 (12.13 by the heavenly calendar), Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea

I am happy to see you all!

Our Creator and Heavenly Parent waited for 6,000 long years to see this time in the providence, this one day. How much God had waited to see this day, the day His providence comes to completion!  Our Creator God’s dream was to live with His children on earth, in continuous celebration with them. He dreamed of an eternal world where He could live with His children after they completed their earthly lives.

All living people have dreams of their own. Blessed families, who know the providence and have been reborn through the True Parents, however, dream of living with Heavenly Parent and True Parents on earth, of sharing deep affection and love with their children, and of extending their joyful lives into the eternal world. Blessed families live on earth with this kind of hope.

It was through True Parents that for the first time in 6,000 biblical years we were able to create an environment in which we could substantially attend Heavenly Parent on earth, and thus victoriously conclude the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, the mission of chosen leaders—those in positions of responsibility—particularly those in Korea, is great, as they are preparing for the day when we can dedicate the Cheon Il Temple where we can attend Heavenly Parent substantially on earth.

Only when this country becomes a nation that truly attends Heavenly Parent will this model be completed. If there are mountains to cross in order to establish a nation where people attend Heavenly Parent at all beginnings and ends, every day, then you must educate the existing leaders of this nation. 

In the past, the people of Israel, who were blessed by God, made way for God’s only begotten Son to be born. Yet in the end they could not fulfill their responsibility. Likewise, this country made possible the emergence of True Parents, who were finally able to bring about the completion of God’s providence after 6,000 years.

If this country [of Korea] cannot become one with True Parents, it will not be able to achieve its dream. Heavenly Parent’s dream, humanity’s dream, and True Parents’ wish…. As Heavenly Parent’s homeland, this nation should be able to fulfill its responsibility in front of the world. This is not a time that comes more than once.

As you have promised, in the next 25 days until True Parents’ Birthday celebration, all of you church leaders should achieve results about which you can say, “I have completed my responsibility!” You must be able to show these. I am saying that you must ensure that your devotion and hard work does not miss the time.

I believe that you have all resolved to not be leaders who make Heavenly Parent and True Parents wait any longer. Can I trust that you will not simply make the determination to fulfill your responsibility, but that you will show actual results? The coming of that day must not be delayed. The more you progress, the better.

Please prepare for a “festival of the stars” that God can truly celebrate.

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