A Focused Life of Faith – Part 4

by Mrs. Woo Ok Lim

Sunday Service, Belvedere, New York, July 8, 1990

Mrs. Lim, blessed in the 72 Couples Blessing, toured America some 30 years ago, testifying to church members about her experiences with the True Family and Mrs. Hong Soon-ae in Korea.

Part 4 (final) (Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3)

Hong Soon-ae was never famous even within our church. Many brothers and sisters say, “I know Hong Soon-ae’ s name, but I don’t know much about her.” Hong Soon-ae always moved behind the scenes, without renown, dedicating herself for God and the True Family, so our members often don’t recognize her value.

Hong Soon-ae’s ascension

While Hong Soon-ae lived in our house, she was becoming physically old, yet working hard day and night, so her physical condition was declining little by little every day. One day I felt spiritually that I should give Hong Soon-ae a nice warm shower. I repeated in Hong Soon-ae’s ear the names of all the True Children. Father and Mother had gone to Cheonan to dedicate the newly opened Seong Hwa University. Before their return I felt Hong Soon-ae was having difficulty, so I called a doctor to come. He said that Hong Soon-ae would not stay with us in this life more than two more hours. When True Father and Mother heard that Hong Soon-ae was about to ascend, True Mother immediately came. Mother came in and held her Mother. Moments later, her breathing ceased.

I prepared beautiful clothes for Hong Soon-ae’s Seunghwa Ceremony and Wonjeon (interment) Ceremon: a red chima and yellow chogori, a beautiful rainbow-colored coat, and a special crown, as someone might wear at their wedding. In Korean tradition, the best clothing is used twice in a person’s lifetime—at their wedding ceremony and when going to the spirit world.

The Seunghwa Ceremony lasted five days because so many guests attended from America and around the world. I visited Hong Soon-ae’ s room every day to refresh her make-up. Hong Soon-ae was so beautiful and peaceful, with a victorious smile on her face. Some people say that in death you can see a person’s whole life in their face.

The necessity of True Mother’s love

Hong Soon-ae taught me many important internal spiritual truths. I want to help members understand because you are praying with Hong Soon-ae’s prayer candle. Up until now, our Unification Church family has been trying to build a true love tradition centered upon True Father. Hong Soon-ae said that since True Father and Mother gained victory through the 43-year course, from now on we need to connect more to Mother to receive the true love tradition. Father already gave us so much, so we must now receive more from True Mother. The center of a heavenly family’s tradition is a mother’s love. True Mother’s love is truly representative of God’s love because God’s love is a warm, embracing, forgiving, tearful, sacrificial love. These are aspects of True Mother’s love.

In our spiritual life in the wilderness, we were always battling with Satan, so the love we received from God and True Father sometimes seemed fearsome—pushing and disciplining us. But because True Parents have been victorious and we have entered Canaan, we now need warm love from True Mother. We need this kind of experience of love on the earth so that we can bring it with us to our eternal life.

Some people say that a father’s love is like the bone structure, and a mother’s love is like the flesh. There is friction and noise when bones collide with each other, but flesh is comforting and warm. Through True Mother’s love we, the Unification Family, can become completely harmonized into one. From now on, we need to experience True Mother’s love more deeply.

As blessed members we have received new life from True Father, but to perfect our love we need Mother’s help. True Mother’s love nurtures us. If we long for and respect True Mother, we can receive her care, nourishment and support in becoming perfected men and women of true love. If we pray deeply with Hong Soon-ae’s prayer candle and follow her victorious life of faith and true love tradition, we can connect with True Mother because Hong Soon-ae was the closest to True Mother and True Father.

Testimony to the spiritual reality

Some people wonder what Hong Soon-ae is doing now that she is in the spir­itual world. One of the 36 blessed couples, Mr. Jeong, previously went to the spiritual world. On his memorial day his family prepared a service. But a stranger visited their house that day. This man didn’t know our church, but he said, “A very special guest is visiting this room from the spirit world. Many guests are here, but the central figure is a young man.” This young man was Heung Jin Nim, and among the other spiritual guests who came were President Eu, Rev. Lee, Tiger Park, and Mr. Jeong [Note: Most likely Jeong Seok-cheon, father of 36-couple member Jeog Su-won].

Mrs. Jeong prepared an offering table for the memorial service, which is our tradition. Actually, Mr. Jung did not like chicken while he was on earth, so Mrs. Jung didn’t want to buy chicken. Also, he didn’t like rice cake. But she felt urged to buy chicken and rice cake even though her husband didn’t like that kind of food. She prepared chicken and rice cake, and a Western-style cake and bananas too. The spirit world inspired her, because President Eu loves chicken, Tiger Park loves rice cakes, and Heung Jin Nim loves Western cake and bananas. These persons spiritually came down and enjoyed this offering table and this stranger witnessed their attendance in the memorial service.

This stranger also testified about True Father. He saw a huge glorious palace for the King of Kings in the spirit world. But this house is now empty, so somebody must be the caretaker. God assigned Hong Soon-ae to take charge of this palace in the spirit world. Elder Shin [a spiritualist brother] saw Hong Soon-ae in the spiritual world, working, cleaning, and maintaining this palace. Her Abel figure is God. She goes to God: “God, this and that needs to be done … “

I feel that Hong Soon-ae sometimes visits our house, so I always place a glass of pure water in front of her picture in case she becomes thirsty when she is working so hard!

Hong Soon-ae ascended November 3, 1989. Father gave her the title “Daemo,” meaning Great Mother. Five years later Daemo-nim began working from the spirit world to initiate the spiritual works at the Cheongpyeong training center. She has been a constant presence with the movement here on earth.

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