A Focused Life of Faith – Part 3

by Mrs. Woo Ok Lim

Sunday Service, Belvedere July 8, 1990

Mrs. Lim, blessed in the 72 Couples Blessing, toured America some 30 years ago, testifying to church members about her experiences with the True Family and Mrs. Hong Soon-ae in Korea.

Part 3 (Click here to read Part 1 and Part 2)

Escaping to South Korea

True Mother was then a small child.  Grandmother Cho received a revelation from God that she, her mother Hong Soon-ae , and True Mother (then just 5 years old or so)—three generations—had to escape from North Korea to South Korea. Father once said that True Mother must come from a background similar to that of Jesus’ mother Mary 2,000 years ago. Mary married Joseph, but everything was like a single situation for her. A similar situation was necessary for Hong Soon-ae and Grandmother Cho, who, with True Mother, fulfilled a background of three generations of single women.

After they arrived in Seoul, Hong Soon-ae ate uncooked food. She offered that spiritual condition as she searched for the Second Messiah. After living in Seoul, they moved to Jeju Island in search of the returning Lord there. Hong Soon-ae thought that because she was eating raw food, she should serve it to True Mother also, but Jesus Christ appeared to her and asked her not to serve True Mother raw food. Hong Soon-ae wanted to dedicate True Mother to work as God’s servant in a spiritual mission when she grew up.

While in Jeju Island, Hong Soon-ae met Elder Chung, the father of Rev. Chung Su-won from the 36 blessed couples. Elder Chung was a faithful member of Kim Song-do’s and Ho Ho-bin’s group. He witnessed to Hong Soon-ae about the Unification Church and about the Second Coming.

Hong Soon-ae had searched for True Father her whole life. Knowing the Messiah could give eternal life and love to her, she sacrificed day and night, making conditions to find him. Hong Soon-ae had a single-minded determination to meet the Second Messiah. So many other things she ignored, paying indemnity and sacrificing to seek and ultimately meet Father. Hong Soon-ae was a model of a successful life of faith. Whenever we pray with Hong Soon-ae’s prayer candle, let’s inherit her single­minded determination and victorious prayer life.

Mrs. Hong Soon-ae’s deep spiritual life

After Elder Chung witnessed to Hong Soon-ae she visited True Father. She offered a gyeongbae (full bow) when they met, and as she looked up at True Father she was amazed to realize she had previously met him in two dreams!

She had brought True Mother with her, and True Father asked, “Who is this young girl?” Hong Soon-ae replied, “This is my daughter.”

Father asked Mother, then just 13 years of age, “What is your name?”

“I am Hak Ja Han,” she replied.

Father closed his eyes and repeated three times, “Thank you, God, that Hak Ja Han was born in Korea.” Then Father said to True Mother, “Hak Ja Han, you must sacrifice for God.”

Finally, Hong Soon-ae received a great honor through True Father and True Mother’s Holy Wedding. True Parents appeared on the earth, and Hong Soon-ae became part of their household. It was still not an easy course after the wedding. True Parents, the True Family, and Hong Soon-ae always had a difficult course waiting in front of them. As each of the True Children was born, the dark, satanic forces prepared to attack them. Hong Soon-ae immediately understood her mission was to protect True Parents and the True Children. Day and night she prayed, sacrificed, and made conditions for the protection of the True Family. Her mission was to be like the Holy Spirit.

Hong Soon-ae has such a special, faithful character. For example, if she promised to meet someone at 10 a.m., she always went at 8 a.m. and waited. I learned from Hong Soon-ae how to separate from Satan and live a holy, sanctified life. Her personality and faith were absolutely strict. Sometimes I expressed a humanistic idea and then thought, “Perhaps she will forgive me and allow me to do that.” Never. When Abraham didn’t cut the dove, we might think, that was just a mistake. We sometimes say, “God, please understand me. Why don’t you allow me to do this?” But God didn’t allow Abraham to make that mistake. Hong Soon-ae always lived in complete holiness and separation from Satan. She strictly followed God’s and Father’s words. So I learned that important life of faith attitude from Mrs. Hong.

I understand now why God chose Mrs. Hong. Hong Soon-ae totally obeyed and followed God, and she was always well-prepared to serve Him. She separated herself from Satan and won the spiritual victory over him. She had a clean, strong, absolute life of faith, and God loved her and gave her the special mission of having True Mother be born from her.

Hong Soon-ae not only prayed but she also physically worked hard. When Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim were young, she sewed winter sweaters for them. Since True Father and Mother worked so hard, they sometimes needed Chinese herbs to revitalize their health. Hong Soon-ae was in charge of preparing these herbs. Before boiling them, Hong Soon-ae did long fasting and shower conditions. She wore a white holy robe while she watched over the boiling herbs.

Protecting the True Children

She served the True Family in this way, day and night, in Korea, and then she came to America when Father and Mother called her. America represented True Parents’ world-level challenge, and someone was needed to protect and support them. Because there were many communists and other dangers in America, the True Children could get hurt or kidnapped as they went back and forth to school, so Father gave her the special mission of praying day and night to protect them. Also, Father was speaking during the 12-city and 50-city tours, and then at Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. Hong Soon-ae always prayed hard for the protection of True Parents and the True Family from attack.

She not only prayed, but was always checking East Garden from corner to corner. We have vigilant East Garden brothers and a good security system, but she was always behind them double­checking and spiritually protecting the whole area.

Hong Soon-ae worked so hard she became tired and ill, and had to return to Korea in 1980. There, she lived with my husband and I. She always slept in her regular clothes, because she wanted to immediately respond if God and True Parents called her. She sometimes even prepared a little makeup, and her handbag was always right by her hand in bed. She always had that attitude of attendance.

One day, Mrs. Hong’s head was bent forward, so I wondered what had happened. I called Elder Shin, a spiritual elder church sister, and asked her, “What happened to Mrs. Hong?” Elder Shin replied, “Father is battling hard with the world right now. When True Parents encounter a world-level challenge, Hong Soon-ae receives the same spiritual pressure because of her unity in heart with True Parents. Her head bows because Father’s head is supporting the whole planet Earth.”

When True Father dedicated the Segye Ilbo newspaper in Seoul, Korea, three spiritualists received that Father was in a very difficult position. These three also testified that, although Hong Soon-ae could not physically attend the ceremony due to her illness, it was her continued deep prayer life that protected True Father. So many of Satan’s evil minions attacked him that day that spiritually the atmosphere looked like a thunderstorm, but there was a bright shining light enveloping Father because of Hong Soon-ae’ s prayer. Whenever there was an important dispensational event Mrs. Hong Soon-ae offered many conditions for True Parents’ protection.

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