A Focused Life of Faith – Part 2

by Mrs. Lim Woo-ok

Sunday Service, Belvedere July 8, 1990

Some thirty years ago, Mrs. Lim, who is from the 72 Couples, toured America testifying to church members about her experiences with the True Family and Grandmother Hong (who later received the title Daemonim) in Korea.

Part 2 (Click here to read Part 1)

In 1973, the True Family moved to America from Korea. After that, as our Korean Church’s financial situation became better, many Korean brothers and sisters brought fruit and nice food to the Cheongpa-dong Church. But I always remembered Ye Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, and True Parents, so the staff and I could never eat that fruit.

I carry in my heart an unforgettable pain because before Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim came to America, they experienced such humble food and living circumstances in Korea. When I see a picture of True Family, my eyes always go first to Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim. Because we couldn’t serve them good meals, they are smaller than their younger brothers and sisters. I always feel guilty when I see Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim because I did not serve them well enough. I wish I had gone out and borrowed money at that time, in order to serve them better. My responsibility was head of the kitchen staff.

I know that in America and around the world many couples are now pioneering blessed family life, and sometimes it is not easy financially. But if it is really difficult, please remember this testimony about Hyo Jin Nim’s and Ye Jin Nim’s early life in Korea. This will help to comfort your heart.

Obedience to True Father

Even though the early 1960s was a very difficult time, Father prepared for the future. The first business Father pioneered was the Tong-il Industry. He also initiated the Little Angels’ Folk Ballet. But Father’s close staff members couldn’t understand why he was starting businesses and the Little Angels’ Ballet. Some spoke out directly against Father’s work. So he was not only misunderstood and mistrusted in Korean society, but even church members couldn’t unite with Father 100 percent.

When I met Father and joined the Unification Church, I couldn’t understand who he was or the meaning of the Second Advent, because I did not have a Christian family background and had never studied the Bible. I could only accept Father as a great teacher whom I wanted to follow. But I don’t repent about that, because if Father wasn’t really the Messiah, I served him as a great teacher. Some people say, “If Rev. Moon is the Messiah, I will follow him. If he is not the Messiah, I will leave him.” They set that condition. But my attitude was always, no matter whether he is the Messiah or not, I will follow.


Now I would like to explain more about Grandmother Hong’s personal and spiritual background. Grandmother Hong was born in the same county as True Father, in Jeongju. Then her family moved to a different county, Anju, which is True Mother’s birthplace. God prepared Grandmother Hong’s family background. Her mother was a very sincere and faithful Christian, named Cho Won-Mo. She inspired and guided Grandmother Hong in the Christian faith. Until she was 19 years old, Grandmother Hong always attended church with her mother.

At the age of 19, she entered a very important period of her life. She met Lee Yong-Do, who was an especially important minister in a John the Baptist position to Father. His mission was preparing the way for the Second Coming. Grandmother Hong joined Rev. Lee’s New Jesus Church, and would walk 20 or 30 miles each day to witness about the Gospel to villagers. As a young teenager, Grandmother Hong had a great desire to go to Manchuria and witness to the people there, but the spirit world inspired her to go back to her hometown instead. Grandmother Hong followed Rev. Lee for three years, but couldn’t feel deeply inspired, so her mother suggested to her, “If you are struggling, why don’t you go to Cheolsan county? I heard about a famous spiritual woman there named Kim Seong-Do.”

Grandmother Hong was not so inspired to visit Kim Seong-Do, but one night she had a dream in which Jesus Christ visited her and called three times: “Hong Soon-Ae, Hong Soon-Ae, Hong Soon-Ae.” She then decided to visit this spiritual lady.

Kim Seong-Do prayed deeply and intensely, so she received many revelations from God. She understood about human responsibility and that Jesus Christ was crucified because the people couldn’t fulfill their responsibility. She knew that Adam and Eve fell not through eating a fruit but through adultery.

Preparation for the Messiah

Grandmother Hong faithfully followed until Kim Seong-Do died eight years later. Grandmother Hong was very disappointed because she and many of Kim Song Do’s followers thought she might be the new Messiah.

Heo Ho-Bin became the next leader. The group united centered on her and they made great preparation to accept and welcome the Messiah. Then God revealed to Heo Ho-Bin that the Messiah had to come as a man, not a woman, and that the Messiah had already come and was living somewhere in Korea. God asked her group to prepare special clothes for the Messiah because Jesus Christ’s family did not prepare any clothes for him, causing great pain to God and Jesus.

The church members went to the marketplace and bought brand new fabric, returning to the church holding it over their heads. They sewed it by hand, and after every 12 stitches they did a full bow, then sewed 12 stitches and did another full bow. They tailored these new clothes with deep sincerity.

Grandmother Hong was the most dedicated, hardworking member in these preparations, under the direction of Heo Ho-Bin. After all these external prepara­tions for the Second Coming were completed, Grandmother Hong suddenly received a deep desire and spiritual inspiration: “I want to see the Second Messiah’s face.” God responded to her through a dream. In the dream she visited a house with her mother. In one room there was a closed door, and her mother said, “Don’t go in. It must be a very important room.” But she had such a great curiosity that she opened the door. Inside a young, handsome, gentle man was studying at a desk. He looked back at her and said, “I am waiting for you. I am studying so I can teach you.” He kindly welcomed Grandmother Hong. After she awakened, she had the feeling that maybe the man in her dream was the returning Christ.

Soon after that she had another significant dream in which she met the same young man again. He said to her, “Hong Soon-Ae, would you like to prepare some clothes for me and make travel preparations? Please, Hong Soon-Ae, don’t change your mind. Keep an unchanging faith.” Then he left.

At that time Korea was already free from the Japanese occupation, but Kim II Sung and his North Korean Red Army persecuted Christians, wanting to make a strong, atheistic communist government in North Korea. The police were always jailing or killing Christians, and even infiltrated Heo Ho-Bin’s spiritual group, causing so much suffering.

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