True Mother’s Speech at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly

True Mother spoke on the last day of the Cheon Ik uk Leaders’ Assembly which was held online from January 6th, 2021

Leaders and blessed families of the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community around the world:

What determination have you made this New Year, the year of the white ox?

I pray that Heaven’s protection and blessings will be with you in abundance.

For people living in agrarian societies, the ox (cow) is the animal that lives closest to human beings. Many families raise animals, but the ox [cow] is the only animal that, throughout entire life, offers up everything in service to humankind. A particular point is the one unique sound that cows make. In Korean, we express the sound of a cow as “Eum-maeh.” I understand that in the West, the sound of a cow is more like “Moo.” Don’t you feel the difference here?

The Korean people, in particular the Korean language, can express the sounds of nature as they are. It is a very scientific language and alphabet. English has too many words and Chinese has too many different sounds. Hence, when it comes to storing files [in your computer], particularly in this internet age, the peoples of this world have come to recognize that the alphabet that can store the most content easily is the Korean alphabet. How greatly Heaven has blessed this country!

The 6,000-year history, through which God carried out His providence to find His lost children and realize His dream, has been such a difficult one. Due to the Corona pandemic that is affecting the entire world, family members cannot meet; nor can a community or nation come together. This is a big stumbling block on our path to unity, and it is giving rise to many problems. 

But are you aware that only our Unification families under the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community are the hope for this country and for all humanity?

I will song a children’s song I used to sing when I was a child.

    Little calf, little calf,

    O little white calf,

    Mommy cow is also a white cow,

    You take after your mom.

Do you know why I sang this song? Only by becoming one with True Mother, God’s only begotten Daughter, and only by becoming people that resemble the mother, can we have hope today and in the future, and can Heavenly Parent’s blessings remain eternal. I sincerely hope, therefore, that you will all become proud blessed families and Cheonbo families of the Unification Movement who fulfill their responsibilities and continuously expand our Heavenly Parent’s realm.   

Advancing toward the day you can hold feasts every day on the foundation of your results, you’ll come running when I call you, won’t you?

May your families and countries receive eternal blessings and good health. [Applause]

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