Italy: “A Victorious Year”

By Elena Chirulli, CARP Italy

Even if this year brought some difficulties in everyday life due to Covid and restrictions, 2020 was still a victorious year full of activities that saw CARP ITALIA protagonist of numerous initiatives including cultural events, live musical beautiful performances, but also online meetings on various topics, European meetings, CARP talks, games and quizzes. Numerous spectators at the events: families, fans, academics and new guests.

Making the list would be really long, we limit ourselves to pointing out the last two activities carried out in 2020. The summer period saw the launch of the CARP CHALLENGE 2020, a challenge addressed to young people that lasted a month, on motivation, growth, commitment and training of the character.

The first classified of the CARP CHALLENGE 2020 was Rebecca Stoica (of which you can see the photo in the attachment) who was awarded a beautiful 500 ml double-layer thermal bottle (hot and cold drinks) with the CARP symbol and the diploma of merit. Second place was won in equal measure by Cristina Arcadi and Stella Piperis. In third place Alessia Preciutti. Our winners (2nd and 3rd place) all won a fantastic wooden and steel keychain with the CARP symbol and the diploma. All participants received a certificate of participation.

The CARP BOOK COFFEE (of which you can see the attached photos) started a month ago offers the reading of the autobiography “Mother of Peace” in Italian, a much-appreciated meeting open to all, which takes place online every week. You can stay updated on our activities by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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