Cuba: Peace Road 2020

by Sangbo Kim, FFWPU Cuba

All over the world has been suffered from Covid-19 for the year 2020. Our Cuba HQ has been thinking how to conclude the year 2020 and decided to promote Peace and connect to the world in the end of year in Cuba. That is why we organized Peace Road 2020 with masks in caution. On Dec 19, 2020 a beautiful day in Caribbean island 71 people paddled out of 103 participants toward Peace around three different cities in Cuba.

In central Havana they started from Old Havana which is located Capitol, Presidential Palace, passing 40 km Ocean Drive called Malecon, our Holy ground, Colon National Cemetery, and Revolution Plaza. Our peace parade was guided by government to do event smoothly. This Peace Road are specially filled with many young people.

Specially, In Havana during the Peace Road many Cuban saw the marching of the bikes with international flags, they were waving hands and giving us cheers. It was great atmosphere and touching moment for all participants not only church members but also Peace Ambassador and invited ones.

Due to the pandemic people were hopeless and disconnected each other in heart, this Peace Road gave them hopes and cheers to overcome such a difficult Pandemic situation in Cuban communist society. 

Let us continue this beautiful and peaceful march to connect the world centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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