A Focused Life of Faith – Part 1

by Mrs. Lim Woo -ok

Sunday Service, Belvedere July 8, 1990

Some thirty years ago, Mrs. Lim, who is from the 72 Couples, toured America testifying to church members about her experiences with the True Family and Grandmother Hong (who later received the title Daemonim) in Korea.

I am happy to see you!

The key part of my testimony today is my experience of attending True Parents, the True Family, and Grandmother Hong.

I come from a very atheistic family. Before I met the Unification Church, if while reading a book I discovered the name “God,” I would cross it out with a pen. On the other hand, I was deeply seeking true happiness. I felt very sympathetic toward poor people: How can I help them? I made the determination that my life’s goal was to dedicate myself for poor and unhappy people’s sake, but I hadn’t yet achieved that. Neither could I clearly find my purpose of life.

After I graduated from high school, I was seriously struggling with my life and about the meaning of human life. In 1959, President David S.C. Kim, then my university professor, witnessed to me. After I studied the Principle I realized the purpose of creation and of life. The Principle explained to me the true value of human life, the true meaning of human history, and the potential for the future of humanity. I was surprised and amazed. The Principle is the basic philosophy and true standard for human life. It liberated me from all of the struggles and misunderstandings of my past.

At the time I couldn’t understand deeply about the Second Coming, but I could not deny that Father was the teacher and leader for all people. I struggled to deeply understand and develop a feeling about the Second Coming but finally after six months I decided even if I couldn’t understand its meaning, Father was still my great teacher. That was my attitude. Even if he is not the Second Advent, this Principle is so perfect and so wonderful that I will follow his way of life. I was not a disciple of the Second Advent; I was the disciple of a great teacher.

That was my position in 1960 when I volunteered to go summer pioneer witnessing in the countryside. I fasted many days in order to make a condition for witnessing. We had no transportation, not even a bus ticket, so we used our two feet and walked 10 or 20 miles every day, visiting village to village, witnessing to the people.

I made a plan to build my first new church. I had a very small budget, and no help from headquarters. Not being able to afford cement block or stone, I built the church with bricks of soil and clay. During our early church life, the dispensation was to endure physical suffering—little food or good clothes.

Then in 1961 Father selected me to be one of the 72 blessed couples. I was blessed with Rev. Lim Do-sun, now the regional director of Seoul. After that, I became part of the True Family’s household staff.

Early days at Cheongpa-dong

At that time our True Parents did not have their own home, but lived in the Cheongpa-dong headquarters church center. Pioneering brothers and sisters throughout Korea had very little food, so the True Family also had a very small budget. We prepared a small dinner, and True Father would eat first, then True Mother would eat, and after that, Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim would eat the rest. The budget for True Father, Mother, and True Children’s food was only enough to buy one meal, to feed four people. Although perhaps three pieces of fish would be needed to adequately feed the True Family, the kitchen staff had only enough money to buy one piece of fish.

The True Family’s economic situation was so poor. When Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim were small children, they ate very humble food. They almost never ate good meals. You cannot understand this if you have never experienced hunger yourself. But in this world over two­thirds of the people go hungry every day. Soup usually contains chunks of food, but the kitchen staff sometimes served only soup broth for Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim. I often went to the chapel and tearfully prayed to God, “Please help us make a financial foundation so that we can better serve True Parents and True Children.”

One day True Mother designed a kitchen cabinet and asked our church brothers to build it, because there was no money in the True Family’s budget to buy one. True Mother designed the top part of the cabinet to have three drawers. I wondered about this and asked True Mother, “Why?” She replied “We serve cookies to Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim sometimes, but if they were put in the lower part, the children would always eat them too quickly. So True Mother asked me to put the cookies and candies in the top drawers where Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim could not reach them. That’s a story that brings me to tears.

Many Korean brothers and sisters from around the country visited True Parents at the Cheongpa-dong Church. When they arrived True Mother always asked us to serve them fruit, cookies and candy. I was unhappy because I could not serve these things to the True Children but had to serve them to our members.

True Children’s sacrifice

In the early 1960s, when our brothers and sisters went out on pioneer missions, if their spiritual children served them wonderful food, they always asked for humble food instead because they wanted to pay more indemnity.

Korea has two kinds of rice white rice and black barley rice. Rich people ate white rice and poor people ate barley rice. But now it is the opposite. Recently it was discovered that black barley rice has more vitamins and is more healthy than white rice, so now rich people buy black barley rice. But our pioneer brothers and sisters always asked for the black rice. That is really heavenly wisdom, don’t you think?

One day Father and Mother called me and said, “Please cook black barley rice for us.” But I could not follow Father 100 percent, because I felt that for Father and Mother to eat black barley rice was miserable for them. So when I cooked the black barley rice, I put in a little white rice. After I had served True Parents, Father called me, very upset: “Why didn’t you follow my direction? Next time you must cook only black barley rice.” Three times I couldn’t obey. Then, Father really scolded me, saying, “If you can’t unite with me, please leave True Family’s house.”

Tearfully, I begged Father: “This is not only for Father. True Mother is pregnant every year because God has planned for her to bear many heavenly children, and also True Children are growing so fast. They need good rice.” True Father didn’t say yes, but he didn’t scold me again.

Ye Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim sacrificed so much. Now, in America and throughout the world many blessed children are growing up in humble circumstances, but the situation of the True Children was much more humble than the situation and housing of today’s blessed children. Please imagine.

Continued next week…

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