Ukraine: Centenary Exhibition

By Anna Kalmatsaya, FFWPU Ukrain

As the COVID-19 situation is very serious in Ukraine, we organized the exhibition at the Yellow Castle, our Movement building. Few members, as representatives of our Ukrainian movement, were first visitors to the exhibition. Other members could join the opening ceremony online.

Some visitors’ reflections:

Kristina, first-generation, 21 years old: The exhibition about True Father’s life and achievements touched my heart very much.  We can clearly see how much he has accomplished during his life on earth.  It is very pleasant to see the True Father smiling and happy.  I have never seen that many TP photos and this is the first experience. Now True Mother continues to guide us in the providence, and I want her to stay as much as possible with us on Earth. Thank you for the wonderful exhibition.

Arisa, SG, 21 years old: Before I felt TF was very far from me. Because I thought he was a Superman. But I realized he also had a lot of sufferings and difficulties even more than me. When I realized that, my mind filled up with sorrow. And he overcame everything for every human being, including me. I could get a determination from today to overcome any difficulty I will face.

Maksym, first-generation, 32 years old: I am grateful to God for the opportunity to participate in such an exciting event.  When I watched the video, posters, I could once again remind myself about the path of True Parents, which seems incredible. I really want to keep within myself the warm feelings that have arisen.  At the same time, I understand that they have gone this way and have set an example for all of us, me personally. And as much as possible, I want to follow this example to multiply the foundation laid by such incredible work.  I especially liked the videos about TP childhood. Through them, it was possible to present their life even more vividly. I saw them for the first time.

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