The Meeting for Peace and Goodwill to All Humankind – Part 2

father and Mother preside over the awarding of AULA’s International Order for Liberty and Unity to Yuri Ossipyan (left), member of Gorbachev’s newly created Presidential Council, and Igor Yskovlev (shaking hands) member of the Politburo and the Presidential Council.

By Dr. Bo Hi Pak

The following is taken from Dr. Bo Hi Pak’s testimony about the “Moscow Rally” – which took place thirty years ago this year. Key components of True Parents’ visit to Moscow were the 11th World Media Conference and a meeting between a select group of conference participants and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. True Parents were part of that group, and following that meeting Father and Mother (plus one or two close assistants) had an audience with President Gorbachev in his own presidential office. Dr. Pak gave this testimony at Belvedere on April 22, 1990, just ten days after the Moscow events concluded.

Part 2 (Click to read Part 1)

At 4:30 pm we entered the Kremlin and were seated. Father was first, Mother was second, and I, as the interpreter, was third. Other distinguished guests were seated on both sides of us. President Gorbachev entered and sat down. In that formal meeting, President Gorbachev spoke and listened for an hour and a half. In his opening remarks, he stated formally: “I am here to welcome the presidents of various nations, and especially Rev. and Mrs. Moon. I welcome you to our country. Your conference is a very important and special one. I am happy that it has been very successful so far.”

Meeting with Pres. Gorbachev

Father was the first speaker; Ambassador Chavez introduced him as the founder of the Summit Council for World Peace and the World Media Association. Father can always capture the heart of the other person in his first sentence. He said, “Mr. President, this is my first time to see you; you look very young and handsome.”

President Gorbachev didn’t need his interpreter for that. The ice was broken and intimacy was created. He replied, “Thank you, Rev. Moon. Because my job is so tough I was forgetting that I am a young man. Thank you for reminding me.”

Father thanked him for the opportunity to come to Moscow and for being a good host. He explained all the heads of state at the table were supporting Gorbachev: “Therefore, you must utilize these powerful people by sending the message to your embassies to work with them. Let us make perestroika and glasnost known all over the world immediately. This World Media Conference has the capacity to do it; it is your asset.”

Father continued: “Mrs. Moon and our family are very pleased to visit Moscow. This is truly a deeply moving experience. We are learning about this great country and I think we can do a much better job in the days to come. I have brought a special gift for you.”

The gift was a white marble vase, carved with a dragon-a beautiful masterpiece. Father said, “I want to present this special gift from South Korea to the Soviet people in the name of Mikhail Gorbachev, for your museum. This vase has a special meaning: You and I are working for world peace. The white marble represents peace. This graceful shape represents art. The dragon in Oriental philosophy means power, good health and good fortune. I think you and the Soviet Union need these three things the most at this time.”

When President Gorbachev heard that, he came to Father and received the marble vase. Mother was standing right there while Father and Gorbachev shared a firm handshake.
After this meeting, everyone was leaving. But I escorted Father and Mother, Ambassador Chavez and Rev. Kwak in a different direction. Everyone wondered, “Where are they going? I thought the meeting was over.” We entered a secretarial office, then another door opened and Gorbachev’s aide came out to say, “Rev. and Mrs. Moon, please come this way.”

We entered another office where Mr. Gorbachev and a couple of aides were standing. Gorbachev said, “Rev. Moon, this is where I work.” We were in his personal office where usually no one is invited except his own staff. Usually, a person from a country without diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union can never enter that room. But Gorbachev invited True Parents there. Outside this office, Gorbachev was rather formal be­cause he was dealing with other pres­idents, but inside he was completely free, embracing and talkative. It was the most incredible fellowship-truly the moment when the universal Jacob met the universal Esau. Father gave him a big hug.

There was a lot of publicity in the Soviet Union. The Moscow Times, with 8 million circulation, did a great interview with Father. Another interview was published in Family magazine, with five million circulation. In Izvestia, Father’s meeting with President Gorbachev was carried on the front page. Pravda also carried a big article, publishing Father’s words in detail. But the best was the Soviet national television’s interview with Father. On April 20th, a one-hour special aired in the Soviet Union. The central themes were the journalists’ visit to Korea, Father’s meeting with Mr. Gorbachev and the World Media Conference in Moscow. The show was carried on Channel One, with 300 million viewers.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Peacemaker and Unifier, was presented to all the participants

The Little Angels in Moscow

Another one-hour special will broadcast the Little Angels, who came to Russia as cultural ambassadors. They really live up to their name. Father and Mother were deeply pleased. The Little Angels brought an anniversary cake from Korea to Russia to celebrate True Parents’ anniversary. The First Lady, Raisa Gorbachev, came for the second half of the program. She had a state function that evening but left early to come. She really enjoyed it. At the end when the Little Angels sang a Russian folk song, many Russians cried. It melted Koreans and Russians into one.

Can you imagine if two thousand years ago Jesus Christ had gone to Rome, visited the Senate and been welcomed by Caesar and his wife? The Kingdom of Heaven would already be on the earth. This is exactly what happened in Russia. Raisa Gorbachev came to greet Father and Mother. Father gave a speech in front of the First Lady. Father said:

Yesterday, I had a remarkable meeting with President Gorbachev. I respect and admire his courage and leadership. I assured him that I would cooperate in every way I can to support his program of peace. I told President Gorbachev that the I secret for the success of the Soviet Union is to place God at the very center of every endeavor. Throughout my own life, this has proven over and over again to be essential. Mr. Gorbachev’s burden is great and his mission difficult. It is only with God at his side that he can win the victory. I am leaving the Soviet Union with great hope in my heart. This nation will play a central role in God’s providence in the coming decade. I know that in my every prayer I am going to include the Soviet Union and her great people.

In my opening remarks, I spoke about the importance of a God­centered worldview. Many of you commented about that point. As a religious leader, I firmly believe that a God-centered worldview offers the solution to all problems. Atheistic theories centered only on man bring disaster and self­destruction in the end. This is the universal principle, true in both the East and in the West. I sincerely hope that all the distinguished statesmen and journalists who have been attending this conference will unite with this principle. Let us work together to support glasnost and perestroika in the Soviet Union; let us work for lasting world peace.

Greatest victory won

Then the Little Angels brought out the wedding cake. In front of the First Lady, True Parents blew out the candles and cut the cake while the Little Angels sang, “Happy Anniversary.” I could not imagine anything more beautiful. The First Lady was absolutely charming. Finally, they sang, “Moscow Night” and the First Lady sang along. She came back to congratulate Father and Mother, and let us take pictures of her embracing the children. She completely forgot about the time. She finally stood up and said in English, “My Little Angels, bye bye.” On the way out she spoke to the Korean press and said, “I have never seen such disciplined beauty in my life. It’s almost like my girlhood dream coming true.”

My dear brothers and sisters, I want to conclude by saying that Father and Mother won the greatest and highest victory ever imagined. You and I doubted that that “Moscow Rally” would ever take place. Father and Mother attained the world-level mountain peak. All we have to do is expand it. Father is going back to Korea to have True Parents’ welcoming rallies throughout the country. After a once-in-a-lifetime experience you sometimes feel that you can die with no regrets. After this Moscow Rally, I feel that if I were to die any moment, I would have nothing to worry about.

This great victory could occur because the dispensational time was correct. The True Parents’ preparation was fulfilled spiritually—even kingship was declared. Father’s most incredible strategy and wisdom accomplished this. Once again we could witness the greatness of our True Parents. God is working every minute of the day.

Next week we will supplement Dr. Pak’s testimony with other members’ remarks about the results of True Parents’ meeting with President Mikhail Gorbachev.

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