Thailand: Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

Great Victory of First HTM Blessing occurred for the first time after COVID-19 Pandemic at Baan Sawai school in Sawai sub-district, Surin Province of Thailand. 800 people from 535 families attended with great cooperation of Surin Provincial government, local government administration, school director, teachers and community leaders.  All participants are happy and grateful to TP and FFWPU.

FFWPU-Thailand in Surin Province Branch hold Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival “Thai Families, Knowing, Loving, Unite Project” and Divine Principle Seminar on topic “Family is School of Love and Peace” at Baan Sawai school in Sawai sub-district, Surin Province of Thailand. This is Mr.Allan and Mrs. Lee Ae Ryon Hokanson HTM who belongs to 2,075 Blessing Couples from South Korea. 

All participants can feel True Love and holy atmosphere during the event.  The school director and teachers are working so hard to mobilize parents and grandparents of students to attend because they realize how serious problem of family broke down, domestic violence and young people immorality in today society.  They believe FFWPU and Blessing from TP can solve the problems and bring goodness and love to their students.  So, even though during COVID-19 lock down in the whole world, but government and teacher of Surin province and FFWPU Thailand hold hand together firmly to organize this big Blessing Ceremony and Divine Principle Seminar.  This is historical event and great Jeong Seong condition to liberate COVID-19 Pandemic from the whole world.  

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