Spain: Centenary Exposition

By Artur Beshaj and Dulce Balil, FFWPU Spain

We invited our friends, and guests and also put some posters in the streets.

Around 40 people came, attracted by True Father´s picture. We gave all of them True Father´s autobiography in Spanish or in Catalan (as we translated and printed it recently), and also the catalogue of the centenary. A person from Brasil who has ben a member of our community in the past, saw the poster and he was so happy to see True Father´s picture. He is actually living in the same street as our center.

We received also the visit of a young Korean girl whose grand-parents were from North Korea. She saw the highlights of the rally on Sunday afternoon, among with 5 or 6 other guests who came at that time.

A young man who came at 11.00 stayed until almost 2.00 pm and took with him True Father´s autobiography. He sent yesterday a message to our brother Hector to tell him that he is reading it, and he is very inspired.

Some of our brothers and sisters from our community also came to support. It has been a very interesting experience and even though some people maybe could not come, but at least they could see the poster in the city.

Ronda Valencia, Spain, November 25, 2020

After the exposition in Barcelona, we brought it to Valencia. As in Barcelona, we put some posters in the street and invited friends and guests. One person who has been in contact with us in Dominican Republic came and was happy to meet us. Some of the 10 people who came gave us their email so that we can invite them in the future.

Even though not many people came, but through the posters we could make people of Valencia aware of the centenary, and strenghten our foundation in the city.

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