Paraguay: Peace Road Paraguay 2020

By Lic. Gustavo Giuliano, UPF Paraguay

The Paraguay Peace Road event was held on Friday 04 and 06 December under the motto: “Connecting the world through peace: For family and life towards a strong Paraguay.” The first part was held on Friday 04 on the Zoom platform at 8:00 p.m. where distinguished leaders spoke.

The second part of the Peace Road was made with a group of 30 young participants who made a Bicycle Ride from the Costanera Road of the Paraguayan River to the Plaza Uruguaya, from there to the Pantheon of Heroes where a wreath of flowers was left in honor of those who defended this nation concluding at the Government House. Both events were broadcast live on the UPF Paraguay Facebook channel.

The first part

The program for Friday, December 4, was as follows:

Moderated by the Secretary General of the FFUPM, Professor Félix A. Coronel Fariña who presented the Program. Then the President of UPF Rev. Evaristo Fernández gave welcoming remarks, thanking the panelists for their efforts to support the Peace Road.

A video was then viewed on the international Peace Road highlighting the goal of a Unified Korea and a highway that unites the world through peace.

We had the honor of having the presence of the President of Peace Road South America, Rev. Dong Mo Shin, who also referred to the efforts of True Parents to carry out these initiatives for peace, as well as giving the speech in very good Spanish.

UPF President Lic. Miguel Werner gave a report on the Peace Road made by Argentina last Sunday. They have made a huge virtual and face-to-face display. They virtually toured the 24 provinces where each one showed the bounties of culture and nature.

The governor of the province of Ushuaia “the end of the world” gave a few words of encouragement and was proud to be part of Peace Road. President Miguel Werner said that we need to repair the historical resentments as Ambassadors for Peace, for this, there is an initiative of an Ambassador for Peace from Argentina who wants to build a school on the triple border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

The main panelists were the representatives of the National Government: National Deputy Del Pilar Medina de Paredes, Deputy Emerita Sánchez and Dr. Enrique Castro Director of Culture of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies.

From the religious sphere, Father Rafael Gaona Ruiz, Archbishop of the National Catholic Church, emphasized the importance of Christmas despite the COVID and asked for peace and health for all.

On behalf of the Civil leadership and representing the Firefighters, Brigadier Dr. Juan Notario referred to the objectives of the Peace Road and highlighted the investment of Father and Mother Moon for the achievements of World Peace.

From the Education area, Professor Lic. Gustavo Giuliano – Coordinator of Peace Road Paraguay lectured on “Connecting the world through peace: For the family and life towards a strong Paraguay”, highlighting  the Foundations for Peace based on the teachings of Cheon Seong Geong, and the 10 Messages of Peace from True Parents to contrast with what is proposed by gender ideology.

Core words: National Deputy Del Pilar Medina

I have been a member of UPF for 5 years, I thank the international and local UPF authorities for always taking me into account. As a universal family we would have to unite more, from where we are we can do a lot, we are influential, positive leaders, but we need to intensify our work together.

We have evolved with new technologies, because we can get closer despite being physically apart. The pandemic made us value family even more, value health and life.

We should be multiplying agents to establish world peace. It also helped us to value the environment. Our country is being deforested, many wildfires have occurred as a consequence and I want to take this opportunity to thank the firefighters in the person of Brigadier Dr. Juan Notario who have done a great job giving their lives for Paraguay.

We work from the National Parliament for the Defense of life and family. We have stood up for non-interference with the gender ideology and against the law that favors abortion.

If we do not have a stable marriage and family, we cannot have a strong country. I infinitely value what each leader does, in favor of others, working for the most vulnerable places, working with those who need it most.

The pandemic will pass, even if there is an economy with disadvantages, shortly we will embrace and enjoy human warmth.

We are carriers and messengers of Father and Mother Moon, who continue to do an incredible job, that fills me with satisfaction. I thank the authorities and request Mr. President Evaristo Fernández to work together for a strong Paraguay.

National Deputy Esmerita Sánchez:

I have been married for 33 years and have recently participated in the Seminar on Divine Principle and the Life of Father and Mother Moon and have been impressed. Life is sacred from its conception and we must take care of it with all our strength, as well as the family that is the natural support of society, where we learn the essential values, it is an authentic school of love. There are always problems small and big, but they are overcome through forgiveness that is so necessary to cultivate the soul. The family has a primary and essential educational mission where we learn to love and respect.

We especially have to protect children. If we do not take care of the seeds and seedlings, we do not expect to have abundant trees with fruits. Work towards health and education. Finally tell them that this is an exciting topic and that it involves us all. However, we must identify the double speeches of political leaders at this time. That is why the importance of being and not appearing.

Dr. Enrique Castro, Director of Culture of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies:

Good evening dear brothers and sisters, with whom we work ardently to achieve Peace. I am very inspired by the title of the Peace Road: Connecting the world through peace, through family and life for a strong Paraguay. We had two great wars, the triple alliance war (against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay) and the Chaco War (against Bolivia), after these two wars, the countries rebuilt and formed international families as Father Moon said that the peace begins with international marriage.

We have worked hard to declare the Peace Road of national cultural and educational interest in 2017, thanks to all the parliamentarians who declared it of interest. Let’s unify all our hearts connected with the Creator.

Finally and to close the event, the Master of Ceremony Félix A. Coronel Fariña asked the present deputies, the Director of Culture and the other Ambassadors to take this meeting as the beginning of a working table to carry out the objectives of the Peace Road , UPF, the Family Federation for Unification and World Peace, the Women’s Federation for World  Peace and YSP together with W-CARP for a Strong Paraguay with stable marriages and families, the basis of a society with solid and indestructible foundations.

The second part

On Sunday December 6 from 9:00 in the morning we started the planned bicycle tour from the Paraguayan River Road, Costanera de Asunciòn, together with 30 young people accompanied by representatives of the different providential organizations.

With the words of UPF President Rev. Evaristo Fernández and the prayer of the Coordinator of the Peace Road Lic. Gustavo Giuliano, we set off towards the Plaza Uruguaya with the support of the National Police and our brothers, Lic. Rolando Iriarte and Mr. Pedro Escobar. They followed the event step by step, covering it journalistically and filming everything live for UPF Paraguay’s Facebook channel.

We left from the Costanera until the Uruguayan square was our first stop.

Thank you very much Janul Pumonin! We had a splendid day!

We arrived at the Pantheon of Heroes and delivered a wreath in honor of those who defended this soil. We took photos and President Evaristo Fernández gave words of encouragement to those present and the ancestors of this nation.

Finally we went to the Government House also called the Palacio de los López, where we were able to take group photos with the banner identifying the Peace Road event.

It is important to note that the spirit of the group was closely linked to the sense of the Peace Road and through the pedaling efforts, they demonstrated a loyal commitment to Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

Thank you for the constant support of the President of Sub region 2, Rev. Sung Jong Seo who watches over all of our activities.

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