Nepal: Ambassador for Peace Award Ceremony

by: Mr. Binod Dangi, UPF Nepal

The whole world is suffering from pandemic of COVIP 2019 and of course the country of Nepal too. In Nepal there is still semi lockdown situation is going on, in this unusual time Universal Peace Federation organized an Ambassador for Peace award ceremony program at the Peace Embassy Building in Kathmandu, Nepal.

On December 28, 2020, three celebrated and renowned writers were honored by the Ambassador for Peace award. The award was provided by the Chief Guest, UPF -Asia Pacific chairman, Honorable Ek Nath Dhakal.  During the Award ceremony, he clarified about the mission of Universal Peace Federation to promote interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal value. A Special guest, UPF-South Asia, President Santos Kumar Poudel has congratulated the newly awarded Ambassadors for Peace.

The newly awarded Ambassador for Peace, celebrated writer Mr. Bhisma Prasad Upreti said has said, “It is such a prestigious award, and I hope I will be more responsible to help society for universal peace.” Similarly, another media personality and writer, Ram Krishna Manandhar said, ‘’ Media is so important to transport the message, so my role will be to spread the message of peace.”

And the former reader, engineer Santosh Kumar Pokhrel has also said, “I am determined to be a messenger of peace through literature.” A very short and important program brought a spirit of oneness despite the COVID -19.  The secretary General of UPF- Nepal Binod Dangi concluded the program by giving an inspiring vote of thanks.  

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