Italy: Rally of Hope – Christmas is Love

by Giuseppe and Elisabetta Calì, FFWPU Italy

Sponsored by the FFPWU Italy, an interreligious gathering was held, to promote the establishment of the “Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community” in Italy, on December 20th 2020, by ZOOM.

This Christmas will be remembered as a very sad one, especially because families are not allowed to meet, and even religious services are restricted to a few. In a country like Italy, based on family culture and relationships, the discomfort is widespread.

Our intention is to make people feeling that God is close to us, especially in time of sufferings and His love is greater now than ever. With this awareness, a real rebirth will be soon possible for the entire humankind. We called Christian leaders and representatives of other religions to join us in testifying of God’s Love, as expressed particularly by Jesus and our True Parents.

Gukson Capone, our new Vice President of the South Region, a 2nd generation young brother did a good job as MC and this was his first public effort as such.

To speak there were: three Catholic priests, two nuns, two Christian Pastors, one Muslim representative, one Buddhist monk, and one lady from Bahai religion. Father Gaetano Montresor, was missionary in Africa most part of his life and as soon as he came back became director of one of the biggest Catholic missionary orders. He spoke passionately about his own experience and, at the end of the meeting, he was so enthusiastic that he proposed to have similar gatherings every month. Pastor Massimo Canale, worked 25 years in South America where he established around 38 new churches there. Then, he came back to Italy and became itinerary pastor, establishing many new churches in Italy as well. His son is pastor as well, and attended the WCLC last year in New York. Francesco, the son, came back from NY with such an incredible experience and is cooperating with us very actively. The Muslim representative gave his own testimony, as married with a Catholic woman, they had three children all baptized, as a family of interreligious harmony.

The other protestant pastor was a Nigerian woman, that offered a powerful prayer at the beginning, calling the Holy Spirit to bless the event. Now the video is published on Facebook, on YouTube, in our website of FFWPU and is collecting many views with many positive comments. I myself, gave a speech on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mountain (Mt 5), including a testimony of the life mission of True Parents as the true and final inheritors of Jesus’ foundation of love. Then I explained the meaning of the “Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community”, as the way all religions should go now, to embrace humanity and create a new society. We included in the program a video from the last WCLC in Las Vegas, including True Mother’ speech, declaring especially that Christians should be mobilized to make the world aware of True Parents.

There are two comments I’d like to share. First, the FFWPU, was the main organizer, and I am particularly happy about it. Usually, UPF or WFWP, organize such interreligious gatherings, but this time, I really wanted to mobilize Blessed families and leaders from Family Federation. Recently, we were organizing just Sunday Services and not so many public activities. This was a way to go out in public and show our faith and our commitment with our most internal organization. Second, there is a substantial possibility to build the “Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community”, together with best Abel Type people of our society. The idea is amazing and very well received and will serve also to revitalize our own movement and all the other religions that are going through many difficulties, especially these days.

I cannot help by expressing my deep gratitude to True Mother for leading us through the stormy see of the world troubles, with such determination, clear mind and infinite heart!

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