HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and the Middle East Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU Europe

On December 11 to 12, 2020, we held a 2-day Special workshop online. We had 363 registered participants. We had 114 representatives  from Denmark: 15,  Ukraine: 16, Albania: 12, Lebanon: 15, Israel: 10, Russia: 46.


Mr. Nick Cirpala – Russia St. Petersburg Event: Thank you very much for this great Heavenly blessing of HJ seminars in Saint Petersburg. We participated as a family together. Thank you for allowing our 2 autistic children to participate in this CheonBo seminar. Our children were waiting for this Crucial Vital seminar, for them it is quite long but they participated with pleasure and had good experiences. All week before the seminar our elder son was singing the “Grace of the Holy Garden” song. Personally, I had good experiences at first and second seminar as well. I feel I am growing spiritually during the Seminar, I feel like when I did Fundraising in frontline long ago, high spirit and connecting to Heavenly Parent every moment. I got good ideas for HTM mission. I also prayed for the liberation of blocked spirits. Thank you once again for this CheonBo seminar and waiting for many others to come in our city in the near future.

Lars Neergaard, Male, 56, Copenhagen, Denmark Event: During the event I could feel our HQ became one in spirit with” the Homeland of Heart”. I could feel the gratitude of the spirits who could be liberated and blessed. Few time my spiritual eyes got opened and I could see how after the Ancestor liberation ceremony, the liberated patriots and ancestors were enwrapped in the loving light of God coming from above and then lifted up by heavenly staircase to start the 100-day workshop. Also, at the end of Blessing ceremony I saw the sister seating in front of me that thousands of white spots of shining lights (angels or good spirits) were entering into her body and soul for healing purpose. In that moment as her back was coloured with a grey, dark cloud I understood that the spirits would remain with this sister for 40-days and after this 40- day two spirits will remain with her. All together it was uplifting and purifying experience which could strengthen my faith and resolve to become CheonBo Victor.

Modar Ali, 32, male – Lebanon Event: A mind and soul changing experience, one might call it a “unique connection”. The basic concept of a person is connected to his ancestors through spirits might be found in several religions. The unique connection with it directly through this ceremony was something new. Being able to feel the spirits was a relief of some sort. Simply it was a first time experience and I hope it won’t be the last time!

Semenova Tetiana, Female 27- Ukraine, Kyiv: It was the first time for me that I could participated in the Cheonbo Event. I really liked it. Through ansu I felt a great surge of strength and desire to invest and change in order to bring joy to God and True Parents, and help the ancestors to change through us. I liked that we prayed a lot and, in general, there was a prayerful atmosphere. The Congratulatory song after blessing ceremony was very beautifully, I had goose bumps. The Leaders’ words were inspiring as well. Our national leader explained the essence of CheonBo and inspired us to sincerely invest. She prayed that through the blessing ceremony the ancestors could receive the blessing from True Parents. I tried to follow all instructions I was fully serious. Overall, I liked it very much. I hope there will be more chances to participate in such events.

Drita Rexhepi, Female 46 – Albania – Mullet training centre: Even though it seemed to me it was a short seminar with few participants, but it was a beautiful afternoon and I had a feeling like never before. The hair of True Mother, on the picture, seemed to have lots of light, it looked like a beautiful grey crown that kept my eyes on. I thought the light was shining on it and I started to look from different angles … the view of the hair remained the same. I moved left, right, up, down but it did not change, her hair did not become black, like She has on the photo.

I asked myself, what does it mean her hair like this? There is no time! There is no time… This sound came into my ears … and I was crying, thinking how much time and joy we might have to return to True Mother’s heart, or hope to Heavenly Parent, how much time do we need? I prayed that I will use the time well and that I will bring joy and hope to Heavenly Parent. I thank for the CheonBo seminar because I don’t think that I would have had these experiences in other circumstances.

Eva Hoxha, Female 30 – Albania – Mullet training centre: For me it seems like rebirth every CheonBo seminar. Something very special I always feel inside of me and it is not like the other days. I feel goodness and love that I can’t explain by words.

There were 2 special moments when we were praying: When the first session started and the moment I closed my eyes strongly and the faces of two people appeared to me and they resembled True Parents’ image. The other moment was when we were praying in the end of first session, I had a very strong feeling that those people who were liberated they were going out from the place where they have been. I can’t explain by words exactly the feeling I had during this prayer.

During prayers and during hitting my body it wouldn’t go out from my mind how grateful I am to Heavenly Parent for these experiences in my life and very grateful for everything that I received from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Thank you.

Bujar Azizi, Male, 31 – Albania – Mullet training centre: ”Such a Grace we received today, for us and for our Ancestors. Even if it was not an usual CheonBo event what we did before, but still my spirit was high and emotional. I feel grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Mother that despite this pandemic situation we could held this ceremony in Albania, to give a chance for us to liberate and bless our Ancestors. Also it was a good opportunity to liberate bad spirits through Chanyang Yeoksa and to renew myself and become purer so Heavenly Parent can live in my heart. Hopefully day by day I become a good filial son to Heavenly Parent and True Parent. AJU”

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