Europe: Challenges to prevent Violence and Reach a Peaceful Coexistence

19 Nov 2020 Challenges to prevent Violence ....

By Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP Europe

The theme was touched on from different perspectives giving the public a broad and fairly complete picture of the problem.

Dr Antonio Stango, President of the Italian Federation for Human Rights, FIDU, reported about the several declarations and proclamations made by the UN and at the European Level on Human rights, including women’s rights of course. But actually, not all countries who signed it are working to improve the realization, and some countries do not even recognize those declarations.

Dr. Odete Costa, president of LIRIO AZUL Association, pointed out that education is the best weapon against violence, and in her experiences working with the youth she realized that many adults and juveniles with lower self-esteem were slightly more likely to have engaged in illegal behaviors, while those with greater self-esteem were slightly less likely. “Stopping Violence – The First Step Must Begin In My Heart” the motto of her organization.

Dr. Soha Abboud Haggar professor of Arabic and Islamic studies analyzed the situations of conflicts nowadays that are very different from before. There are fewer wars but more conflicts and civilians deaths because of the new technology used. We cannot ensure successful peacebuilding in a country or region without a true reconciliation process – one that is inclusive, that brings out the truths of what took place, and that allows people from different sides to make amends. It also doesn’t work if certain groups active in and/or victims of the conflict are not included.

Elisabetta Nistri, president of WFWP Italy, stressed the importance of prevention, based on education and care for human relationships. “The fact that the highest percentage of crime committed against women happens in the family home, from those who say they love them, is extremely significant. It means there is a misunderstanding of what LOVE really means, and of how to realize healthy relationships, in which I can fill joy not only from the experience of receiving love, attention, understanding but also from that of giving love and making others happy.”

MariaGabriella Mieli, Vicepresident WFWP Italy coordinated the event with great ability and at the end introduced website and the memoir of Mother Moon.

All speakers touched the topic in a very deep and professional way, giving important insights to the audience. We had 950 contacts on FaceBook page, more than 160 viewers, and 22 sharing of the video.

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