EUME: CARP Online Public Lecture

By Martine Masner, FFWPU EUME

On Friday, December 11th, Matthew Huish, the vice-president of FFWPU UK gave a presentation for contacts and newcomers (over 70 participants) on the topic Hacking into My True Self. He explored “how we have inherited and acquired many internal mechanisms by which we view and respond to the world, which mask our true selves”.

He invited the audience to “recognise and acknowledge these algorithms, appreciating their power over our lives, especially considering how big tech is currently using their own algorithms to manipulate us politically, economically and beyond”.

Matthew Huish approached the topic using a contemporary understanding of physiology, neurology and psychology to draw the conclusion that we need to “enter a mystical state”. He introduced Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s understanding of God, that “God will answer you from the original root of your mind”.

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