Dominican Republic: Inauguration of the New Santiago HQ and the Bridge at the Farm Paz y Armonía

by Ms. Esther Gomez, FFWPU Dominican Republic

Inauguration of the New Santiago HQ

With the intention to realize the sacred goal of True Mother until 2027, the Caribbean Region, headed by the Sub regional director, Rev. Leonidas Belliard, together Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the Chairman of Cheon ui won for Heavenly Latinamerican and Rev. Kim Sang Suek, continental director, the Dominican Republic inaugurated the New center in Santiago in the occasion of Last join last sermon of the year at a national level. Beside them other important leaders join to the celebration, as: NL of Cuba Rev. Sangbo Kim, Colonel Ortiz, other guests and members. The inauguration began with opening remarks and prayer by MC National Leader Bernardo Cruz.

Rev. Leonidas Belliard gave some words of motivation. He expressed how the house was acquired in June and how for three months they made the repairs to the house that was in bad circumstances and in the remaining three months until December they began the construction work of the conference room in the part behind the house and how in the future they plan to continue building on top of it bedrooms and on the fourth floor a recreation room and cafeteria. He thanked Heavenly Parent and the True Parents, but mainly Dr. Yang and Rev. Kim who got True Mother’s approval to buy this house. This place is called Centro Regional Norte, it is not only the center of Santiago, but it serves as the office of all the other centers we have in the north, that is why we are very happy to inaugurate it today. He thanked all participants for attend this event.

 Dr. Charles Yang followed with Words of Greeting. He told of his experience when he was introduced to the house, it was in a very bad state and really looked like a ruin, but he felt a spiritual inspiration like it was prepared by God and felt that we should buy it. This center is very important because it is close to the UASD university so, many young people should be testified that they can become future leaders in all areas not only for the Dominican Republic but for Latin America. Again he expressed his gratitude for all the effort invested in the family festival event last year and also thanks Rev. Leonidas, Rev. Bernardo and Mr. Tony for the construction of this center and prays deeply for more blessings here in Santiago.

Then Rev. Kim Sang Suek gave Words of Greeting. He said that after the Family Festival Mr. Luciano presented the house to them with great enthusiasm. He also expressed that this house was prepared by God to witness to many young university students. He expressed that since the UASD has 10,000 students, this place should be the witnessing base of this country. Now we must offer this country to heaven so we must work to witness to the university youth by teaching them the ideology of the True Parents to be the leaders of the future and if they attend and serve the true parents this country will automatically be a country of God. So the words of the TPs must be expanded. Expect all the leaders here to spread the blessing in this their home, in their communities and let’s work together to receive the blessings. Then from Santiago this country will be God’s country.

The program continued with the presentation of the book “Memories of the Festival” by Mr. Cesar Regalado, who explained what this book was about, which is to remember the great National Festival we had last year and the history behind why the city of Santiago was chosen for such an event. And then we presented the Video of the main events of 2020 and the messages of the True Parents.

We continue the program with the words of Congratulations by Colonel Andres Ortiz. He began by thanking all the leaders and people present and asked for a round of applause for the True Parents. He expressed that he would like to help for another national Family Festival event, but in another bigger stadium so that people do not stay outside and from Santiago he wants to support with the Family Federation to rescue together the values of this country.

Then Mr. Felix Antonio Garcia (leader of this Northern Regional Center) gave words of gratitude. He thanked everyone who took part in the repair and construction of this center in Santiago. He expressed that with this center we will work together and move forward to raise up leaders, we have the support of God and together with the members we will do a great job here in Santiago.     

Also we had words of gratitude for Mr. Luciano de Jesus Laureano. He expressed that he always fought for a good center in Santiago, since 4 years ago he was trying to get this house and praying for it because he knew that this house was convenient for the Family Federation that is why he is so happy that the inauguration of this center can be done.

 Then Pastor Rafael Jimenez offered the Gratitude Prayer and we finished this inauguration of the North Regional center with success with the eogmansei Ovations by Rev. Takashi Kono.

Inauguration of the Bridge at the Farm Paz y Armonía

In order to prepare a good place for educate and train ambassador for peace and youth leaders, same day at 3:00 pm another inauguration of the Bridge at the Farm Paz y Armonía was held. We began with musical setting followed by the cutting of the ribbon in front of the Bridge.

Then we passed by the bridge to go to the farm’s conference room to continue with the program. We had Opening Words and Prayer by MC National Leader Bernardo Cruz.

First Rev. Leonidas Belliard gave some Words of Motivation. He greeted and said that the bridge that is being inaugurated today still needs some finishing touches, he construction began on October 15; the engineer has done a great job so far. This bridge has been awaited for a long time so that we can develop more activities and without fear of inviting our ambassadors for peace. We thank all of you who contributed to the construction of this bridge and the National leader who put his effort into making donations at the national level so that international donations could arrive. 

Dr. Charles Yang followed with Words of Greeting. He expressed that Rev. Dea Hee Hong sent his greetings from Mexico and that he is very happy for the news of the inauguration. He said that the first time he came to this farm was by invitation of Rev. Hong and he with a loud voice prayed to God where the holy tree is in order to get this farm. Today passing the bridge he was personally very excited. He thinks that this bridge will take us from earth to heaven and will also be the bridge of rebirth and life. We are very grateful to both the leaders and the members who made so many efforts. He also said that today is a very historic day for being able to inaugurate this bridge and he believes that the Dominican Republic will be the first country restored of the 33 countries of Latin America.

Then followed the Words of Greeting by Rev. Kim Sang Suek. When he personally saw the bridge he said that it is not a simple bridge because he thought it would be a simple road to cross, but when he saw it really seems that God put his work of art as well. The bridge gives a beauty and pride to the place and the town. When he saw it and passing by, it gives the impression that on the other side of the bridge there is a more wonderful place like a heaven, where you can see nature and that it is happy, he had that kind of feeling. He really hopes that this place will be like a teaching place and we have a very good ideology to teach people. He gave many thanks for today’s participation to everyone present.

He was followed by the mayor of Juan Adrian, Mr. Eduardo Cruz Rosario. He expressed that he is very grateful to God and is very excited about this great work being inaugurated in his territory, he said that the mayor’s office of Juan Adrian values this work very much and that it will help the development of his town because these are works of benefit to the whole community and they can receive education in family values from this training center and the community of Juan Adrian for that they should be grateful. He feels and hopes that the Family Federation will support not the material, but the spiritual. He also said he is willing to support in any way he can and welcomed all of us.

Mr. Cándido Gomez spoke about the history of the farm. He expressed that it was God who put this land here because just when they were looking for land to establish a farm the vehicle they were riding on was damaged near the land where we now have our farm, they presented it to Rev. Hong and liked it a lot. He thanks Dr. Yang who visited the land and gave his approval as well. He also informed that he is in a project of viable sowing for the sustenance of the farm and promises that in the future he will continue working so that you can find a more peaceful and beautiful place. But his goal as recommended by Rev. Hong is to establish 32 farms in the 32 provinces of the country.

 Then Engineer Mario gave some words. He expressed his gratitude to God and to Rev. Leonidas for placing his trust in him, he thanked his colleagues who did a great job for the bridge. He also thanked everyone who praised the bridge and he feels excited like you because you have made your effort to collaborate and he feels happy to contribute to this work.

The program continued with the recognitions of work for Peace by the national association of municipal policies rescueing values ASONAPOMURES represented by Colonel Ortiz. Kim Sang Suek, Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Lenidas, NL Bernardo Cruz, Secretary of UPF Mr. Regalado and Ms. Yumiko Gomez for their hard work for peace in the Dominican Republic.

After that space of recognitions, the MC gave some words of closing we had the Eogmansei ovations by our brother Mr. Salvador Castillo, we took the commemorative photo and then we finished our event with a toast.

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