Australia: Domestic Peace Series Webinar

By John Adamedes, FFWPU Australia

On the 26th of November 2020, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Susi Evans, UPF and WFWP Queensland Australia Directors together with IMAP, initiated the first conference/webinar, called the Domestic Peace Series.

The purpose was to address some of the root causes of Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) and offer solutions, particularly promoting the highest level of loving relationships in the family.

Mrs. Susi Evans introduced the “Why“  and suggested there are internal reasons for conflict, that must be addressed foundationally. She also introduced Father and Mother Moon’s example of leadership based on family values and true love.

Mr. Steve Evans spoke about the need  for men to accept responsibility for the part they play in DVF and the necessity for them to engage in their own process of healing.

Mrs. Aishwarya Somal, WFWP QLD VP and Director of the Emerson Family Law Firm in Brisbane, engaged us in legal perspectives of addressing DV.

Mr. Thomas P. McDevitt, Chairman of The Washington Times newspaper and global coordinator of IMAP and IAED, introduced the vision and core values of The Times. Also Father Moon’s historical moral calling for Media to be the conscience of society.

Mrs. Cheryl Wetzstein participated as a former award winning  journalist with The Times and senior advisor to IMAP. Cheryl focused on offering insights on how to aid family challenges, as well as providing some history of DV in recent years in America.

Mrs. Wendy Francis, the Queensland and Northern Territory director for the Australian Christian Lobby, shared a Christian perspective on DV, with many biblical warnings regarding the perpetration  of violence against women and children

Mrs. Lydia Gah is from Papua New Guinea, herself a survivor of DV, is a family counselor and author of a book titled “Survive and Thrive” She  shared emotionally her journey in overcoming the violence in her home, which has enabled her to give guidance and hope to other women faced with similar circumstances.

Ms. Danielle Abott a leader with a group called Family by Family, introduced a dynamic, whereby families healed from DV, help counsel and guide other families in the healing process. They are are also supported by trained coaches/ counselors

Ms. Sarv Singh, a Solicitor and Migration Agent from Emerson Family Law, was the moderator of this webinar.

This is the first of at least a 4-part Domestic Peace Series.

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