Asia Pacific: 2nd Online Parent Matching Convocation

Prepared by FFWPU Asia

The Outcome of the 2nd Online Parents Matching Convocation was very encouraging. More than 90% of the feedback from parents was that they were satisfied with the program.

It has a great improvement from the previous first Online PMC in June 2020, in terms of the program, as a whole.

Success points

  1. Video Introduction was a great idea. It was pre-recorded by the parents and candidates. It was played during the event. Very clear and parents were able to understand the candidates better (in terms of their spirit and character) (rather than just read from ppt, cannot tell from the ppt only)
  2. Brief PPT contents read by the MC. Parents can focus during the presentation, no worry about internet connection and time delay. Parents won’t feel nervous/ anxiety. Can focus on the presentation.
  3. Both Regional Presidents gave very good and precious guidance. Parents were able to feel the love from the new presidents and wish to listen more guidance from them in the future.
  4. Parents Testimony and 2nd Gen couples’ testimonies were good and practical. Parents learned from others’ experience.
  5. One-on-one Parents Networking is very good and parents felt supported by the BFDs and Matching Supporters (could meet through zoom for first time personal communication).
  6. The technical Team was very competent. Handled by 2nd Gen blessed couple. Very well managed. New BFD leaders are being raised up.


  • To all precious sons and daughter of God, I really feel so grateful to the team that was working so hard to prepare the online PMC, praise the Lord to have a great team. This time they have improved the online matching process. The time and effort all of you have put in were so precious, A big thanks to every one of you. Especially I would like to thank the Malaysia Matching Supporter Brother Cheng Hai and Sister Koay Phing, they really love the Malaysia second gens very much, more than their parents. They raise our children through Sunday School, then their life of faith through Sung Hwa center training. When I see them, I see God, and as a blessed family I really feel so sorry and hope we could help them in near future.
  • The video is really the best tool for us to understand the candidates. The parent’s communication is very short but good enough if we really prepared what to ask and what to tell them. When we feel the candidate not suitable, short is good as it is not polite to just walk away. I was so lucky because I could speak in English to my first parents even though they are Thais, and the last parent could speak Mandarin hence I have enough time to didn’t need a translator. Hope this time we will have a more successful matching and raise them to become an ideal couple for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. However, I hope the applicants should update their profiles on the blessing website so that parents can do their homework because the 2 min introduction is very short to know more about the candidate.
  • Asia PMC makes an incredible network and connection to all the families who want to match their 2nd children by an internet visual meeting. That is effective and has instant profiles for communication through the meeting.
  • Parents do not have to worry about the live presentation of the candidate within the limited time. The parents can pay attention to watch the potential candidates’ video presentation. Through the candidate presentation, we can know more about the candidate. Do not have to worry about the internet connection to affect the presentation.
  • I am very grateful for the opportunity to join first time in the PMC and I get excited. I was also filled with mixed emotions and was moved by the words of Rev. Hori who is a 2nd Generation himself and Rev. Dunkley. Particularly I/we first generation parents were enlightened by Rev. Hori about our situations as members of Unification community about how we educate or treat our blessed children. I realized that I have fallen short in many aspects on how to educate our children. I feel ashamed before our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for all my mistakes and shortcomings and I feel so indebted to them, to our True Mother who gave us Special Grace last February. I appreciate very much our leaders and our BFD for their encouragement and support to me and my family.

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