True Mother’s Speech at the Special Meeting with Korean Pastors

 November 11, 2020 at the HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center

We have made a new resolution, the serious and solemn resolution to make True Parents’ dream, Heavenly Parent’s dream, come true in reality. It is not only a matter of making declarations; our efforts need to bear actual fruit. We need to create the citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

The ongoing course of restoring fallen humanity has been a tremendously lonely and difficult one for our Heavenly Parent. When He established central figures in the providence, not once could they achieve the needed result. Whenever they failed, He had to establish another one to carry on the work. This process has been so difficult and painful.

It was only after six thousand years, in 1943, that God was able to send His only begotten Daughter through the Korean people. Since Jesus’ crucifixion two thousand years ago, Christianity has gone through many ups and downs. Christians have been waiting for the return of Christ, who promised to come again. They awaited the Messiah at the Second Advent. However, Christianity still does not fully understand what Jesus came to do—what it is that the Creator desires. Because he clearly said he would come back, they have been waiting for the day of his return.

Jesus also stated his purpose clearly: “We will have the Feast of the Lamb.” Then it follows that today’s Christians, coming from the 2,000-year history of Christianity, should be waiting not only for the Messiah but also for the only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Daughter! The only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, came two thousand years ago. It was the First Advent. Since Heaven’s providence must be realized on earth, he must come again, and the person who will fulfill this mission of the only begotten Son is the Messiah at the Second Advent. And thus the one entrusted with the responsibility of the Messiah must meet the only begotten Daughter.

Our Heavenly Parent, the Creator, exists forever and eternally. However, He has wanted to live on earth with the people here. Our life on earth is short. During this short period of time on earth, parents and children need to realize beautiful, pure, innocent and untarnished true love among one another. And children untainted by the Fall need to live in daily attendance of our Heavenly Parent, and every day for them should be filled with the excitement of being able to return joy and glory to Him.

When I spoke about the natural world during both the One Million Rallies of Hope, I received very positive responses from around the world. Fallen people do not know about the beauty of nature or feel thankful for it. Because the natural world operates in a logical way following the principles of creation, there are no problems as long as human beings do not interfere with it. You are surely aware of how much loss has been incurred and how many lives have been lost this year due to intense rains, forest fires and an increasing number of typhoons, all caused by climate change.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still claiming many lives worldwide, even though it has been almost a year since it broke out. I have heard that research in the United States and Germany has yielded some result, but it cannot be implemented right away. Moreover, scientists say that once this blows over, even more fearful calamities are coming our way. They say things look ominous because the ice at the North and South Poles is melting, and we don’t know what terrible bacteria may be released from the frozen soil to pose an even graver threat to us.

Has the human race not destroyed the beautiful kingdom of heaven on earth, which our Heavenly Parent dreamed of seeing? The reality at present is that, as long as the strongest countries remain in ignorance of the providence, the peaceful world humankind desires to see, and the unified world of ‘one family of humanity,’ our Heavenly Parent’s dream, will never be realized. There are too many obstacles. That is today’s reality.

God did not give up, however, and sent His only begotten Daughter through the Korean people, and thus True Parents came to be. Those who do not recognize the Parents and instead oppose them cannot fully become the children of Heavenly Parent. Even in the secular world, children who do not honor their parents are not treated with respect.

True Parents should have been born on a national-level foundation. Heaven gave the people of Korea the time to reach enlightenment. How could sixteen member nations of the UN have participated in a civil war that broke out on the small, unknown Korean Peninsula? The Korean people need to become aware of this.

Heaven’s protection! God the Creator, our Heavenly Parent, protected us. Our Heavenly Parent created an environment where the only begotten Daughter and only begotten Son, who can realize His dream on earth, could rise to the position of True Parents under Heaven’s protection. The people of Korea need to realize how enormous a blessing from Heaven this is and kneel in gratitude.

The Christian foundation in our nation of Korea has eyes but cannot see the way forward; it has ears but it cannot hear the voice of Heaven. The course of the providence of the Unification Church has therefore been a difficult and dangerous one, and has had to follow a winding course throughout the world for sixty years. Would it do for us to miss our opportunity, at this urgent time, to awaken and establish the Korean people without fail?

The responsibility of True Parents is to attend Heavenly Parent on earth. They need to demonstrate this kind of life to all of humankind. That is why I observed, in front of our Heavenly Parent, a three-year period of devotions in remembrance of True Father. I resolved again and again that, since I am at least still on earth, I will achieve for Father all that he was unable to do. What do you feel when you see Cheon Seung Jeon (the monument to the victory of the seven-year cosmic Canaan course)? Do you think this was achieved by human effort? That is not the case.

I am not young. Though I was in a situation where I could not even see an inch in front of me, I still had to go on, even though my body was in such a state that I could barely take a step. I had to achieve results. I had to show others.

Given that Korea and its people should protect and support True Parents, would it be all right with you if only the blessed families, and the blessed children, were registered as Cheonbo families, while the Korean people were still in ignorance of Heaven’s providence? Is that how we should conclude our lives?

I have already spoken to you with an anxious heart to say that at least one third of the 7.8 billion people of the world must learn that Heavenly Parent is their Parent and attend Him as Cheon Il Guk citizens while True Parents are still on earth. It is the duty of those who have received the Blessing to live each and every day of their lives striving to bring joy and solace to Heavenly Parent; this thought should be engraved onto your very bones. It should not stop at your receiving the Blessing, should it? We need to transform Korea into a nation blessed by Heaven and its people into citizens of Cheon Il Guk that can embrace all people of the world.

Plans of the kind we had in 2019 will not do. In the years 2020 and 2021 you must be sure to harvest the fruits. To accomplish this, you need to fulfill your responsibility. If there are church leaders who haven’t blessed 43 couples yet, I will give you some time. Will you make the resolution, “We will fulfill this task by True Parents’ Holy Wedding anniversary of 2021!” and actually achieve it in 100 days? Just giving me an answer now is not enough. You really need to do this. Only then will you be able to move this nation.

Heavenly Parent and True Parents will be with us on our future path. May those who become one with True Parents, and especially with True Mother, the only begotten Daughter, on earth, meet with no obstacles and receive eternal blessings as they march forward! I hope and pray that you will become central figures that can reap that fruit.

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  1. Yes True mother, this is the last days, that needs the pastors not from Korea alone but from all the religion groups around the world to come together and bring this vision on realty.

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