Taiwan: 2020 SeongHwa University Students Divine Principle Lecture and Talk Competition

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

In response to the Hyojeong arts and cultural activities promoted by True Mother for Next Generation in the world, starting in 2016, the Seonghwa Hyojeong Cultural Festival has been an annual event for Seonghwa students in Taiwan. For several months, SeongHwa students worked hard together to launch the cultural training activities in according to regional conditions, and then perform in public during the festival. During this period, SeongHwa students are guided to perform with the heart of Hyojeong and attendance.

Seonghwa University students continued the pattern of previous years, conducting a Divine Principle Lecture Competition a week before the festival, and Divine Principle TALK competition was divided into Chinese, English and Korean groups. On October 2, 2020, “2020 SeongHwa University Divine Principle Lecture and Divine Principle TALK Competition” was held at National Headquarters in Taiwan. There were 62 competitors. The competition starts at 9:00 am and runs until 9:00 pm in a marathon style, beginning with Divine Principle TALK in Chinese by 25 university students, followed by 3 students in foreign languages (English/Korean), they will focus on explaining how they lived by the Divine Principle and embodying the faith. The time limit is 7 minutes for each. Right after that 34 competitors gave the Divine Principle Lecture by writing blackboard, limited to 10 minutes for each.

In the awards ceremony, the top three of Divine Principle Lecture and Divine Principle Talk in Chinese, top two of Divine Principle Talk in English,and the first of Divine Principle Talk in Korean were awarded. Through the training of Divine Principle Lecture, 2nd-gen university students also prepared themselves to do witnessing for the new semester on campus as the new force to inject new enthusiasm and vitality into the development of CARP and YSP in Taiwan.

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