Spain: CheonBo Event

By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

Due to the situation of the pandemic, CheonBo Event is organized differently from the ones we had last year. In the past weeks, we had a meeting by zoom with Rev. In Pyo Moon and CheonBo Europe staff, and we could feel how much our True Parents are investing to help us and all humanity to come back to God´s bosom. We are so grateful for our True Mother for her constant love and absolute dedication to Providence.

It has been a privilege to participate in this event, even though with such conditions as a pandemic. The feeling is the same as if we were in Cheongpyeong. There is also a great sense of family as we are representing all brothers and sisters from the EUME region.

On Friday evening we had a connection by zoom with Rev. Moon in Korea to open the prayer room.

The event on Saturday was basically by video, except a connection with Korea at the beginning and at the end. As one sister said, in the liberation ceremony she heard a voice from her ancestors saying we waited for so long this moment to be liberated. Another person said: I felt so much happiness at the end of the event.

Yes, it is a very joyful and uplifting event.

Thank you so much to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Thank you also so much to Rev. Moon for his constant care and dedication, as well as Rev. Tibor Krebsz. And finally, thank you to Mont Lang and Solange Colleter who came to Spain and helped us a lot.

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