Paraguay: Voluntary Social Work

Prepared by WFWP Paraguay

On Sunday November 8, 2020, WFWP Paraguay joined the Leda voluntary project of this year.

At 8 am around 50 people gathered at the brick craftsmen community center. Even though we were blessed with a light rain, we could accomplish the donation of 60 garbage cans, 20 handwashers, 1000 masks through the financial support of the Leda voluntary project, as well as a lunch for all participants with pacu fish which are produced by the community and sweets made by carp members.

The program started with words from Mr. Michiito Sano, puerto Leda, Mrs. Roswitha Giuliano, WFWP Paraguay, Joel Hernandez, carp Paraguay, as well as the president of the brick craftsmen community.

After delivering the garbage cans and handwashers to different public centers, parks, stadiums of the area, the young people cleaned the area of the yukyry river.

The young people of the area and carp members then started a really beautiful meeting with songs and sharing.

Our heartfelt thanks to true parents, and specially to the Japanese families who support this activity every year, as well as the foundation for the sustainable development of north and south America (Leda project). Also special thanks to our peace ambassadors Dr. Susana Barua and Edith Orzusa who contacted us with this area and shared the whole project live in their tv program.

People of the area were so deeply grateful and want to make more activities with us.

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