Latin and Central America: A New Beginning

Prepared by FFWPU Latin America

On November 1st, 2020 Heavenly Central America hold the Inauguration Ceremony of Heavenly Latin America Cheon Eui Won Chair and Heavenly Central America Regional Group Chair for the safe settlement of a heavenly unified world

40 leaders and more than 500 members, blessed families from 18 different countries participated in this great ceremony for a new beginning in the Central American and Caribbean Region.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang shared with all members, “The Will of the True Mother is to establish an operational system of the Church, in accordance with the principles and norms established in the Constitution of Cheon Il Guk, when the CheonWon Palace is completed, in 2023.”

I am relatively familiar with the world churches and I have a lot of hope in the potential growth of the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. We believe that this is a moment of great revival, and just as in the past, the time will come when Central America and the Caribbean will be able to send missionaries to all of Latin America.

Rev. Kim Sang Suek, said, True Parents blessed Heavenly Central America this time. That is why our blessed families must spread the teachings of True Parents with a Heavenly Tribal Messiah culture under the name of the Heavenly Parent Holy Community, and all the blessed families must join Cheonbo Family.

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