HJ Global News (November 7, 2020)

Prepared by Peace TV

This week we cover:

1. Special Feature on Heavenly Unified Korea

2. World News

  • True Family (66th Memorial Service in Honour of Moon Kyung-yoo (Chungbu-nim))
  • Peace Messages (Segye Ilbo, 2020 World ASEAN Forum / 2020 WFWPI Assembly / Korean Religious Association – 12th Interreligious Thursday Prayer Meeting, 10th Interreligious Peace Cup / UPF Oceania, IAED Webinar / Dominican Republic – Peace Road 2020)
  • Youth Activities (Samoa IAYSP, Fun-Day at the National University of Samoa / South Africa, Youth Missionaries Leadership Training)
  • In other News (Special Heavenly Continent of Korea: Inauguration of Co-Directors and New Region Heads / Heavenly South America: A Joint Church Worship Service to Celebrate the Inauguration of Newly)

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