Europe: Testimonies from HJ CheonBo Heavenly Europe and the Middle-East Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU EUME

Date of Event: 2020 November 21


  • Finland – Peace Center, Helsinki
  • Spain – Espacio Ronda, Madrid
  • Albania – Training Center, Mullet
  • Turkey – FFWPU HQ, Istanbul
  • Belarus – FFWPU Center, Minsk
  • Russia – Peace Embassy, Moscow
  • North-West Region HQ, St.-Petersburg
  • FFWPU Center, Ulyanovsk

Total Number of Registered People: 343

  • Number of Representatives: 151
  • Finland: 8
  • Spain: 20
  • Albania: 16
  • Turkey: 14
  • Belarus: 30
  • Russia: 63 (Total)
  • Moscow: 26
  • Saint-Petersburg:21
  • Ulyanovsk: 16
  • Number of CheonBo staff: 4
  • Number of nations whose members registered: 26


Mr. Arnold Grami, 25, MALE, Albania – Mullet training centre: ”I could feel a lot of responsibility being there as a representative of all brothers and sisters from my country. I felt the same energy and spirit like when we are in live event, even this time was by pre-recorded video, no difference. I felt more easy to concentrate, pray and share my heart. I could feel the investment of all the staff. But the most I felt the heart of True Mother, connected so much to Heavenly Parent’s Will and heart too. Really True Mother wants to help Heavenly Parent to fulfil the providence of restauration. I really feel Her devotion, which is allowing us to take part in such an event. During Chanyang Yeoksa I was feeling sorry to Heavenly Parent that we cause Him pain. I really felt His urgent heart to go together with us into the ideal world. Aju! Thank you True Parents for these grace that we received through CheonBo Works.”

Mrs. Arlinda Elbasani, 26, Albania, Mullet Training Centre: ”I am very grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and to CheonBo staff also for this special grace and amazing opportunity to feel the spiritual atmosphere as being in CheonPyeong. I didn’t expect to feel the same but it was exactly the same and so much energy and love and greatness in my heart. I felt so much this time that our ancestors have waited such a long time for this day with a very eager heart to witness this day and how much they want to be saved. I’m really deeply grateful to True Parents for their love and devotion to us, and I pray that this inspiration that I received can be a base that many of Heavenly Parent’s children will know True Parents and join to this amazing events very soon. Thank you so much.”

Tatyana Panichenko, 46, female, Moscow event: ”I came to the ceremony, and on my way I felt that spiritually I was half alive. Some bitter events have taken place in my family recently and I realized that for the first time in all my spiritual life of 26 years, I started to feel resentment towards God. He let all these events happening in my life they were so hard to face and bear. During the Ancestor blessing ceremony I gradually started feeling more and more liberated. And when I heard the words from Prs. Lee that God is the most miserable Being in the world, more miserable than any suffering parent, I realized that it was the key to my liberation and for a new beginning. Thank you, True Parents! I feel inspired to start my life from scratch, and putting God more in the centre of all spheres of my life.”

Ivan Chelovekov, 42, male, Moscow event: ”For several days before the event I felt some emotional and inspirational emptiness. I just had to push myself forward but right before the event I felt like Heavenly Parent told me in prayer “Don’t worry. The gift of time is coming.” I and my wife really like the tasty spirit of Cheongpyeong. When I came to pray in the special prayer room before the event, I could immediately feel the opened spiritual atmosphere in my prayer, which is exactly the same as I feel in Cheonshim Won. This was very inspiring. As soon as we sang few verses of the Changyang Yeoksa song, I had a deep overwhelming tearful spiritual experience. I suddenly realized that Heavenly Parent and Heaven are no longer regard me solely as an individual or even a father of the Blessed Central Family. They definitely see me as an Heavenly Tribal Messiah. All the jeongseong I do, and our family does, it is no longer our own, rather it is regarded as our Heavenly Tribe’s. In the eyes of Heavenly Parent and Heaven all the difficulties we overcome is no longer just our own. For quite some time I have been thinking that it must be very hard to live in Heaven with selfish attitude. To get the proper desire to live for the sake of the greater good is a miracle. I thought a lot about it during the HTM Victors award eremony, and now I realized that whether we are ready or not, in Heavenly Parent’s and Heaven’s eyes we are in the position of living for the sake of at least for our tribe in spite of our limitations. Heavenly Parent just put us there and we should not regard our life the old way anymore. I feel that this realization is the gift that Heavenly Parent was talking about in my prayer. I am deeply grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this gift. I am also grateful for a chance to have this public mission of MC during our local HJ CheonBo event and serve Heavenly Parent and my brothers and sisters.”

Mr. Armando Lozano (M) 64, Madrid event: ”Through the ancestor’s liberation ceremony I could understand the great blessing and grace we are receiving from our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. An endless cycle of bitterness due to unfulfilled desires, wrong choices, painful and unjust destinies cannot be solved but by an amazing, overflowing grace. Issues as vengeance, justice, eye for an eye have no sense. Only a new birth, going back to our Heavenly Parent’s embrace and home together with our True Parents. I was begging the ancestors to please, please let it go, give God the opportunity to make them new. I was praying for a miracle of love to heal us all. I could also sense how True Father and True Mother are one, bond by the same pledge to God, by the same love and promise to each other. And even though it is a very difficult path for True Mother to walk all these years without the support of True Father next to her, her courage has no word to define it since she is absolutely committed to bring God’s kingdom in this world. Hallelujah! We are in True Mother’s heart leading to our new world, with our blessed community of brothers and sisters in Heaven and Earth. All victory to True Parents!”

Mr. Josef Svacina, National Leader of Finland, 46, Helsinki event: ”During the prayer of the Officiator Couple (Prs. & Mrs. Lee) at the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, words from the Bible (Gen. 6:6) and the words of True Parents came to my mind, that Heavenly Parent has been the most pitiful being in the Universe because of the Human Fall. I could feel and connect to that heart to some extent. I felt deep gratitude for True Parents’ accomplishments which made possible to open the way for Heavenly Parent to welcome the people on earth and the spirits in the Spirit World back to his lineage and embrace them as his children. Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents!”

Anonymous, female, St. Petersburg event: ”I personally felt that for us is very important to inherit Hyo Jin Nim’s loyal and humble heart. We all make mistakes but as long as we stay with True Parents, as long as we are ready to follow our True Parents and we are grateful for everything we receive, we can be victorious in the end. Thank you True Parents, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for such examples, love and forgiveness. I will stay loyal, grateful and return all glory to you!”

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