EUME: Peace Starts with Me Mastery Training

By Rafael Guignard, FFWPU EUME

One month after a successful Peace Starts With Me Online workshop in April where 40 participants could create their ideal Life Vision across 12 life categories representing the 3 Great Blessings, the EUME BFD and Rafael Guignard organized the Peace Starts With Me Mastery Training that helped 14 participants to master goal setting, strategies and habits to turn their ideal life vision a reality.

This training happened every week on Thursday evening for 7 weeks in a row between May 14th and June 25th. At the beginning of each training participants could share their wins and ask questions from the previous training. Then Rafael Guignard would introduce and explain a new strategy or tool to help participants turn their ideal life vision a reality. They could then take some time to reflect on how to apply this tool into their personal lives before sharing in pairs and sharing all together as a group. The most important part for participants to breakthrough and make progress was doing their homework between each weekly training session. This process of experiential learning is very effective because participants learn through principles, examples, self-reflection, sharing with each other and taking action in their lives.

The participants were really growing in confidence and skills to build their ideal life vision and beyond the individual breakthroughs the participants could really experience a strong sense of community by working together on their vision and goals and sharing about them. They could keep in touch with each other in a WhatsApp group and through a private Facebook group where they could also find all the recordings and presentations in case they missed a training or wanted to review it.

For those who are interested it is possible to get access to this content in the Facebook group and go through it like an online course. Here is a link to the application form

You will find more information on these programs soon here Or you can contact the Peace Starts With Me Academy team at or join the Facebook Group here

If you have not done it yet we recommend to go through the Peace Starts With Me Vision Online Course before the Mastery Training. You can find all the information and apply here on the EUME BFD Website

If you are wondering if these trainings are for you here are some inspiring testimonies from the Mastery Training :

« The mastery training gives you the tools to create and accomplish goals that are meaningful and inspiring. You learn how to become the creator of your own life and gain the practical step by step skills to turn your vision into reality. »

« When you are so busy that you feel you don’t actually accomplish anything, that’s when you need this training the most. »

« This course can bring you to where it might take you ten years if you were on your own »

And here are some inspiring testimonies from the Vision Online Course

« Never grew so much in my life in such a short time!! »

« If you already have a sense of vision but don’t know what to do with it then this is the right course for you! »

« This course really brings you closer to your vision and your true self. »

« If you are serious about improving your life, you should definitely consider this workshop. »

« It was so powerful to go into depth and creating a vision for each life category. I was able to create a clear life vision and live this life vision. »

“This course will change you. You will be in such a different place in life 5 years from now if you go through this.”

« This course really helps you to focus on what you want to accomplish in the different areas of your life. It offers practical tools to develop your life’s vision during the course and after it as well. It brings you together with like-minded people and creates a community of people who can support each other. »

Special Thanks:

A great thank you to Heavenly Parent for helping to make this training happen in these very special circumstances, we could really feel his joy in seeing his children taking responsibility to be co-creators of their life and the world they want to build. A great thank you for the support from Dr. Michael Balcomb and European Office representing True Parents here in Europe. A great thank you to Orlande Schenk and the European Blessed Family Department and the amazing team she brought together (Marea Toresen, Jennifer Zahora, Antto Hassinen). And last but not least a great thank you to all the participants that actively engaged in this training and made the commitment to truly take responsibility for their lives!

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