Dominican Republic: Peace Road 2020

Prepared by UPF Dominican Republic

In order to contribute with the sacred goal of True Parents to develop the unity between all countries of the world through the International Highway, the Region 5 of HLA in Caribbean, we held the Peace Road on October 24th, from Santiago City to Puerto Plata City in the Dominican Republic.

With 50 professional and amateur Bikers ride very enthusiastic to contribute with the World Peace. A group of 80 people accompanied the Rally where we ran 112.4 Kms. City Police came to support our Peace Road from beginning to end to assure our security during the ridding.

This Peace Road was organizing by the Dominican IAYSP with the support of the Caribbean Sub-Regional Office, FFWPU, UPF and WFPW; in which distinguished people who make up part of the governmental council of the province of Puerto Plata participated. Amount The City Mayor, several city councils, Director of Tourism, National Police Representatives, Dominican Cruz Roja (Red Cross), Few Ambassadors for Peace; who gave their support to this Peace Road. We traveled a total of 112.6 KM from the province of Santiago to the province of Puerto Plata.

The event was covered by Two Radio Stations and one TV Local Station. We departed from downtown of Santiago at 7 a.m. through Altamira / Puerto Plata tunnel where we made our first group stop and met with the cyclists from other towns that were supporting us from the Altamira tunnel to the final destination in Cabarete.

Arriving to Puerto Plata City we had a commemorative ceremony with the government Authorities, City councils of the province of Puerto Plata in the main park. At the beginning of ceremony, the Sub regional director explain the main vision of the Peace Road and the meaning to ride 112 Kms by this time.

The group of 51 cyclists in total, united to the journey alone the whole route even when it was not easy. So, we were able to meet our goal of reaching Cabarete as final destination. In Such very sunny day we arrived around 4pm to have the closing ceremony.

Medals of Merit were given to the bikers whom could accomplish the whole route. Mr. Leonidas Belliard, the Director of Sub region 5, after few motivation words and words of gratitude to all bikers and other participants, began the Medals Giving Ceremony.

10 outstanding cyclists as representatives on this Peace Road received a medal, culminating and closing our Peace Road 2020 Dominican Republic.

In this Peace Road we visit 6 communities: Santiago, Altamira, Imbert, Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete. We thank our HP and True Parents who inspired this Peace Road, with it, we were able to give an excellent message to the communities we visit promoting the peace that our country and the whole world needs. With the success of Peace Road in the DR we want to support the global goal for this year of traveling 25,000 KM and thus help the reunification of Korea, increasing the hope that there will be peace and reconciliation among the nations of the world and convert that longing for hope for Peace in the world into a reality.

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