Albania: Event to Announce the Publication of “Mother of Peace” in Albanian language

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

The memoir of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the co-founder of the Universal Peace Federation, Family Federation, Women’s Federation and of many other international organizations, is available in Albanian language.

“The Mother of Peace who wipes humanity’s tears” is the title of this book that condenses the incredible journey of Mother Moon: from the first moments of her life in a war raged country, to the survival efforts escaping as a refugee, to her meeting her husband with God’s guidance, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and their course together as True Parents to bring hope and peace for this troubled world.

After two months of dedicated work from the translator, Mr. Sokol Rexhepi, and over one month of editing from a determined and committed team to make it on time, on 31 of October we could hold the promotion event of the Albanian publication of “Mother of Peace”, in one of the halls of Tirana International Hotel.

October is an important month for our movement, because it was in October 2005 that True Parents visited Albania for the first time together. It was 31 October 2011 when we promoted the autobiography of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon “As a Peace-Loving Citizen”, and it was at the end of October last year when Mother Moon came to Albania and proclaimed our nation as the Heavenly Albania.

This year’s the event to announce the publication of the memoir of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon was held on October 31, 2020, at the biggest hall of TIH, the “Akernia”, which could host up to 400 people, but due to Covid-19 security protocols only 130 people could participate.

However, the whole event is already available for viewing online through the following link on our Facebook page.

Among the participants were members of the UPF Albania Board of Directors, members of Albanian Women’s Federation for World Peace, FFWPU Albania city coordinators, blessed families and young people from CARP Albania. Everyone was enraptured by the wonderful mood and the diverse program which made the time fly by, with every participant joining in the sincere feelings and emotions that were conveyed by the MC, Mr. Gani Rroshi and the young artists with their performances.

After a video presentation on the Mother of Peace, in the name of Ambassadors for Peace Dr. Eva Cipi, the chair of UPF Albania, gave her keynote address. “This book is a precious gift that has been given to us in a critical moment of the human history when many problems are challenging peace among people. This gift is a spirit food and a light for our minds. It is a gift for me, for you dear participants, and for all of them who couldn’t join us today, or for those who still didn’t have the golden opportunity to know the True Parents.

Her image that follows through the book is that of a nice, young, sweet but also strong, unbending, woman. You read and read, enter into history, imagine and try to find your being beside this model. And you realize how small you are as a human being, and understand how much you need to grow. Here is how she describes herself in her noble mission:

‘My nature compels me to give everything I have for the happiness of others, with no desire for recognition. I know who I am: The True Mother, the Mother of peace and God’s only begotten Daughter, and my mission is to live this way. I am called to be like the ocean that accepts and absorbs the water of all rivers, big and small alike. I am called to embrace all who are lost and have no one to receive them, with the heart of a parent’.

Then, Dr. Saemira Pino, chair of UPF’s Commission of Academics for Peace, a former minister of health in the Albanian government, gave her sincere comments on this publication, being one of the people who were intensively involved in the editing process. Dr. Pino said: “In these difficult times we and the world are experiencing, this books with memoirs of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon comes to remind us that there’s always hope. There are many peace messages in the book of Mrs. Moon, as well as examples and personal experiences in peacemaking, that hopefully testify to the fact that the world will achieve peace. For her wide range of contribution Mother Moon could be ranked among the most distinguished women of the world. For decades she invested to unite the two Koreas and for their prosperity, and she has given courageous speeches on God-based values and on anticommunism in former Soviet Union, in China or in North Korea, as well as in other countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and almost in all USA states, in front of government officials, religious leaders and hundreds of thousands of people. She’s contributed in founding schools, newspapers, business, health centers and clinics, factories and farms, universities, education foundations, art academies etc., all throughout the globe”.

After some wonderful performances from a children’s’ group from Tirana FFWPU and that of four young girls from Elbasan CARP, it was the time for Mr. Sokol Rexhepi, to give his remarks as the translator and representative of the editing team of the “Mother of Peace” in Albanian. “I feel privileged to be able to say a few words on this expression of True Mother’s heart, not only as the book initial translator, but firstly as a blessed family member and a longtime member of Family Federation Albania. The year 2020 has not been easy at all, but we should not forget that it is also a jubilee year in God’s providence as it marks the 100th year of True Father’s birth and also the publication of this autobiographic book on Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s life”.

Dr. Micheal Balcomb, President of FFWPU for Europe and Middle East greeted the event and the participants through a video message. Among other things he mentioned that: “The publication of Mother Moon’s memoirs is very important. Even though we cannot travel and meet each-other because of the pandemic, we can read, and through this book the True Mother wants to share the deep heart of Heavenly Parent. I believe that this is something with which Albania and the Balkans can truly resonate. In these times Mother has chosen to speak about “hope” that is something we’re missing and longing. I think that God has a great hope because True Parents are here and because the filial children of True Parents are everywhere and that things will absolutely change. So, let us move forward with confidence and determination, and most of all with great joy that we can celebrate this milestone on the history of the providence. And, of course we shouldn’t’t forget that one year ago True Mother proclaimed the Shin Albania.

To bring back the memories of the Peace Summit 2019 and of True Mother’s visit in Albania, a video summary of the events was presented to the audience.

The closing remarks were given by Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics, Albanian Family Federation President who reminded the participants: “I invite you to imagine True Mother’s life course, who survived war as a refugee child. Imagine a mother that has lost not one, but four children. She didn’t want even to live anymore. Imagine a woman that lost her husband… a woman faced with innumerous challenges… And, most of all, think that in such an age of 77 years, a grandmother would want to enjoy her grandsons and granddaughters.

I remember that a year ago, when Mother came to Albania, she said that people accompanying her told her not to travel because of her deteriorating health, but she came because she knew that the members and the Peace Ambassadors were waiting for her, and she confessed that she took not one but two injections to be able to come to Albania, for she had something important to declare. In these circumstances one cannot help but ask: how can this person move forward with such an unshaking determination?! That is because of the heart that made her forget to whom she gave her wedding ring, the heart that wants to cover with blanket every child in the world, that wants to eat seated in a table with each of us, and it is because of the urgency to fulfill that promise that she made to God and True Father. In their first birthday, parents put different objects in front of their children, so they can choose one of them. The object they choose symbolizes their future ahead. Exactly, on her first birthday Albania chose the Mother of Peace book.

The event was closed with cheers of Eok Manzei lead by FFWPU Shkodra coordinator, Mr. Arnold Grami.

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