YouTube Channel for FFWPU Mongolia

Prepared by FFWPU Mongolia

During quarantine period because of Covid 19, we were trying to create new educational environment at this digital era, a new YouTube Channel. Our aim is to keep HDH tradition for our Blessed family community by providing educational video materials.

In order to enhancing our current educational materials, we have prepared over 150 videos for Divine Principle and other related studies in Mongolian language. We invite all the Mongolian speaking people all around the world to use this YouTube channel and bring the new word of Truth to all families and friends.

We also produced short documentary as Peace loving global Citizen’s. In order to introduce True Father’s Legacy of Peace in Mongolian society through promoting Peace movement.

If you have any questions or comment please email at: to Erdenetseteg Erdenee, National Leader of Mongolia.

Click here to see the our YouTube Channel.

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