True Mother’s Message at a Special Gathering of Future Leaders

True Mother’s Message at a Special Gathering of Future Leaders that True Parents Hosted on 8.17 by the heavenly calendar (Oct. 3, 2020), at Cheon Jeong Gung. 130 cadets from Sunmoon Sunhak Academy and 60 from the Youth HQ participated.

Are you from our first, second or third generation? However, when it comes to the completion of providence in the Cheon Il Guk era, the only begotten daughter, True Mother and you are at the center. Shinchul and Shinheung are your team leaders? [Yes!] They are my grandsons, but in this Cheon Il Guk era, they are sons. So you are also my sons and daughters.

Through hard study of God’s providence and many experiences, you are precious stones among precious stones. You are pearls among pearls. You are not alone. As Shinchul and Shinheung go forward in this way, move together with one heart and mind, and make it a habit to report to Heaven before you begin doing anything. [Yes!]

If you pray that your father and uncles in the spiritual world will be with you on the path you are taking, and that they will work amazing miracles through you, and support you all throughout. You will be able to see the results immediately. Hence, I am asking you to always start everything with a report to Heaven, with such a heart. [Yes !]

I heard that you are returning home today. So, I will give you some pumpkin taffy, which Father loved when he was here. Now, in Alaska during this season, in September and October, it even snows. It snows and rains. In winter it rains a lot.

Even so, we spent a lot of time there for the ocean providence, and it was autumn, but we had to put on all the clothes we could wear. We had to wear raincoats even. It’s very cold there. One thing that helps in the cold is candy that can generate some calories; you need that. And back then, I don’t know if there is still such candy like that today, but I remember the brand name Werther’s Honey.

I bought a lot of of those candies for Father and those around him, and they all enjoyed it a lot. When we came to Korea, there was pumpkin taffy from Ulleung Island. When I gave it to Father, he really liked it. He always had it whenever he needed some sugar. Even now, those taffies are still in our study. After I heard that you were leaving today, I asked that all the taffies be brought down here.

Those in charge can come out and receive it. You will probably be able to receive three or four each. [Thank you!] Enjoy it as it is sweet. As you have the taffies and reflect over what has happened until now, I hope you can always think of me as being an awesome great-mother. [Yes !] I will conclude my words now. I have ordered hamburgers for you, so please enjoy them on your way back. [Warm applause] 

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    Dear True Mother, what a beautiful speech for our young people!
    I am praying for your knees quick recovery to send lots of energy for your body to quickly heal.
    Evethough going through internal and physical pain you are so beautiful and concerned.
    Thank you very much eventhough your task is very difficult.
    You truly are our holy spirit and we love you with deep respect

  2. Tiara Boysen says:

    Dear Omonim, Kamsa hamnida, Sarang hamnida.
    After Abonim ascended, Omonim is my centre.
    Now, I have 2 grandchildren (nearly 21 months and 1month). I would like to educate them to follow your words from the bottom of their heart. 💗

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