Lebanon: Humanitarian Aid in Tripoli

Prepared by UPF / WFWP Lebanon

Thanks to our great sponsors, WFWPI, WFWP Europe & USA and IRFF Germany we were able to do the second distribution of boxes, filled with food and important hygiene products.

This humanitarian aid was provided in Tripoli, which is the second largest city in Lebanon. 70 big boxes were donated to 70 families, from among the most needy families in Tripoli.

UPF Lebanon organized this event in collaboration with one of the key Ambassadors of Peace from Tripoli, Mr. Cesar Khlat, who created the database of the most needy families for the distribution. He was receiving valuable support from the Muhtar of the district of Tripoli. (Muhtar is the elected village or town head). This was also with the aid of the Peace Squad (team of young volunteers).

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