India: Webinar on “COVID-19 Crisis Management in India: Where Do We Stand?”

Prepared by UPF India

On 12 July UPF India hosted first special webinar on the theme “COVID-19 Crisis Management in India: Where Do We Stand?”. Eminent and distinguished personalities Dr. Vijay Jolly, Senior Leader of Ruling Party of India, Amb. Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Ambassador, Prof. Sushma Yadav, Vice Chancellor of State University in Haryana State, Prof. S. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor of Royal Global Univeristy of Assam, Guhati, Prof. Parmod Mehra, Professor of IGNOU and Mr. Devsagar Singh, Senior Journalist of India were invited as the speaker in the webinar.

All the speakers highlighted the major action steps taken by Government of India under the leadership of the Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modi to curve and contain the spread of coronavirus in India. Especially, all the speakers pointed out that the nationwide lockdown declared by Prime Minster was a commendable and courageous step for preventing the overwhelming outbreak of COVID-19 infection in India which was even recognized and appreciated by the WHO.

Career Diplomat and noted Foreign Expert of India Former Ambassador Ashok Sajjanhar especially highlighted the action steps taken by Government of India in diplomacy and multilateral cooperation. He especially mentioned, “ Our Prime Minister of India took proactive lead in building the regional cooperation and unity to fight against the pandemic crisis. Even though few countries in the SAARC region was still free from COVID-19 infections, our Prime Minister convened the Video Conferencing of Heads of State and Government and proposed the establishment of SAARC COVID-19 Emergency Fund for which he donated 10 million USD and appealed other countries to put their contribution also for the emergency use by the SAARCH counties.”

Academicians Prof. S. P. Singh, Prof. Sushma Yadav and Prof. Parmod Mehara and Senior Journalist Mr. Devsagar all shared their views on the COVID-19 crisis management in India.

All speakers expressed the similar opinion about the position where India stand in fight against pandemic. They said that India is yet to achieve it’s peak of infections but the fatality will be not very high as majority of infections over 85% were asymptotic.

More than 400 participants registered to join the webinar and out of which 107 joined in Zoom and nearly 500 people watched live in Facebook.

Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Secretary General served as the moderator and overall coordinator of webinar. Mr. Adhikari also delivered a short presentation on introduction of UPF during the webinar.

One 22nd July a special Webinar was hosted by Royal Global University (RGU) in association with Youth and Students for Peace (YSP).  It was a first such webinar  of the University during this period which was hosted in association with any outside institution.  Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Int’l Chairman of YSP was invited to deliver special lecture on the topic: “ The Post Pandemic World: Role and Future of Youth”. Dr.  Kittel delivered a very powerful presentation for about 40 minutes . About 400 students and faculties attended the webinar when it was live in Zoom and over 1000  After the presentation Dr. Robert S. Kittel proposed the virtual signing of MOU between the Royal Global University and International Peace Leadership College (IPLC)- Philippines. Which the Vice Chancellor  of RGU  wholeheartedly welcomed and accepted.

Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Singh, Vice Chancellor of RGU delivered the welcome speech and expressed his great happiness getting the opportunity to join with the activities of UPF and thanked Mother Moon for establishing such great organization. He recalled his visit to Korea for 2020 World Summit  when admiring the great work of UPF.

Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Secretary General of UPF-India delivered special introductory presentation about the UPF aims, objections and activities by highlighting the upcoming Rally of Hope in August 2020.

Dr. Dheeraj Borkotoky, Assistant Professor of the RGU served as the Moderator of the webinar.

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