India: 12 Day Online Campaign

By Krishna Adhikari, UPF-India

UPF-India conducted a special 12 Day Online Campaign to commemorate United Nations International Day of Peace and International Day of Nonviolence. This special commemorative virtual campaign began on the 21st September on the day of United Nations International day of Peace and concluded on 2nd October International Day of Nonviolence and Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The campaign was named as the Peace to Non-violence as it started on Peace Day and concluded on Non-violence Day.

This campaign was especially designed as the part of the intensive mobilization for the promotion of Rally of Hope-II hosted by UPF Founder Mother Moon held in 27th September 2020 under the aegis of UPF and FFWPU International.

The inaugural webinar on 21st September was addressed by prominent leaders primarily the head of the UPF Primary Association in India along with Hon’ble Rameswar Teli, Union Minister of States of the Government of India. With the great launching we carried the 12 Day Online Campaign with one webinar every day.

As this campaign was part of the mobilization for inviting the participation in the Rally of Hope-II, we focused on inviting the head of the educational institutes such as Vice Chancellor (President) of Universities and Principals of Colleges in our webinar with the hope to inspire them to further mobilize their faculties and students to join the rally of hope. This was a very helpful approach to outreach larger number of online participants from India.

But after the Rally was over on 27th we started to invite the speakers for webinar form different walks of life also. During that time some noted and very famous Gandhian leaders such as Dr. S. N Subbarao and few more spoke in our webinar. We also dedicated one of our program for the interfaith leaders very high level religious leaders representing various religion spoke in the webinar.

With the hope to make the finale; 2nd October event a special one, we dedicated our last event to the artists which we names as the “Peace & Non-violence: Message from Artists” “अमन और अहिंसा : कलाकारों का पैगाम”.

We invited about 10 artists from various field, it was really a great event and was liked by so many peole.

During these 12 Days we dedicated 27th for joining the Rally of Hope and conducted only 11 Webinars. Total of 70 eminent speakers representing all the sectors such as Government, Parliament, Religions, Academia, Media and Civil Society joined with us to deliver their message on Peace and Non-violence.

Special Video Message of Hon’ble Rameswar Teli, Union Minister of States, Government of India and Hon. Bhubaneswar Kalita, MP and IAPP-India Chairman was shown in every episode and Vice Chancellor of Royal Global University Prof. S. P. Singh joined all episodes of webinar live as IAAP-India Vice Chair in support of our campaign.

Total of 1017 people registered for the Zoom Webinar and total of more that 5000 people joined live through Zoom and Facebook Page.

The Promotion video is viewed by over 14,000 people in the Facebook.

This special campaign was liked by everyone here in India as the UN International Day of Nonviolence of 2nd October is declared by United Nations in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Modern India.

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