Hungary: One Hundred Participants at True Father’s Centenary Event

By Gyorgy Kozma, FFWPU Hungary

One hundred years ago on this part of the world people and families sank into deep sorrow and pain when Hungary lost 2/3rd of its territory. During this same time however the light of hope aroused for Heavenly Parent and for humankind on the land of the white clothes people.

One hundred year, One hundred participants, Ambassadors for Peace responded very quickly for the call to commemorate Rev. Sun Myung Moon centenary and the 15th Anniversary of UPF on October 17, 2020. Few hours later of the announcement of the event already about 30 Ambassadors for Peace responded. Among the participants we could welcome the Hon. Console of Albania. Blessed families and their guests also attended on the event.

At the beginning we offered basket of flower to True Father then a bouquet of flower to remember for those three Ambassadors for Peace, who passed away this year. Interestingly all of them passed away in March representing religion, science and media.

The first speaker was Prof. Dr. Judit Balázs, who participated on the World Summit 2020 in Korea. She summarized in four points her experiences. She emphasized that she was very touched by the Blessing event when young people from even enemy nations they marry. She expressed, that this is the hope to create peace between nations which are in conflict.

The professor lady she worked as a peace mediator in Burundi, South Afrika on behalf of the Swedish government, then in the South Slavic region in Belgrad, and also, she was member of the UN committee to work out settlement plans after the Gulf War.

The second touching point was for her to see the efforts for the reunification of the Korean peninsula. She lived for 10 years in a city which was divided. That was Berlin. So she knows what it means that families are separated.

Finally, she shared that she realized the importance of combining the eastern and western medicine. As an academist she appreciated very much that Rev. Moon established several educational institutions.

Following her testimony Tibor Krebsz, former National Leader summarized the last 15 years of UPF and shared the core teachings and values of the Divine Principle.

As three Ambassadors for Peace passed away, this time three new one was appointed and inaugurated. They are Prof. Dr. Judit Balázs, Dr. Ferenc Bernáth who is Doctor of arts, and composer, Guiness recorder. He organized several charity programs for Transcarpathia in Ukrain, and could open up the heart of majors in Hungary who offered about 33.000 USD. The third person is Mr. Janos Nagy, representative of a civil organization. He made a lot of effort to help for minor churches and communities after the Hungarian Church Law took effects

The event was concluded with beautiful performances by three Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Monika Toth always impress the audience with her Korean traditional dance performance.

Guests could take a look at the Centenary Exhibitions in the hall. Many of them really took a lot of pictures with True Parents’ banner. She gave her beautiful performance of Arirang to our guest as well.

The closing remarks was given by our National Leader, and UPF Hungary president, Mr. Tibor Krebsz.

He emphasized the importance of the unification of South and North Korea. He explained, it is not a personal issue of Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, but rather it is the way to bring a reconciliation among the great powers supporting the communist and democratic part of the country. This is the way to create world peace.

He encouraged the ambassadors for peace to go out and represent these ideas without any doubts.

We sent the article, the photos and videos about the event to the local media. (We can report later if they published it.

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