Hungary: Inauguration of IAYSP

Prepared by IAYSP

On the 9th of October 2020, we organized an induration of YSP in Hungary, through an online zoom meeting, due to the pandemic.  However, it was a great success. There were 20 participants in total, who got to know the organization’s background, values and goals, while talking about relationships as one of the most important aspects of life.

The IAYSP European Leader (Jeong Hye Yeom) gave a speech about the foundation and purpose of IAYSP. Hungarian organization’s co-president (Jaqueline Nanys) presented the Hungarian team and goals for this year. Furthermore, IAYSP Regional Leader (Jonatan Makkonen) shared about relationships and the importance of nurturing and taking care of them.

After the lectures, in a World Cafe format the participants further talked about their view on this, in small groups. There were 3 categories: Relationship with our family, relationship with our friends, and relationship with one’s partner. The event was held in English, as there were participants from multiple countries.

their first event: On 25thof September IAYSP Hungary held it’s very first event, which became a painting experience that probably no one will forget. We wanted to start with a small event where all our friends could come and connect with themselves and others through painting.

We asked a good friend, a special education student (Anna Pusztai) to help us with the content of the day so she led a powerful meditation and two painting sessions. Before that IAYSP co-president (Jaqueline Nanys) talked a little bit about IAYSP and what does it stand for, with all it’s goals and values. At the end, the participants were all sitting in a circle and shared what the paintings meant to them.

There were 17 participants in total with a great mixture of characters and backgrounds. We are very grateful for all those participating and for the Peace Embassy in Budapest that gave space for our event. We did not expect that people would share so honestly and deeply or that we would create such a lovely atmosphere where people could freely interact with each other.

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