EUME: Three Week Divine Principle Online Cycle

By Martine Masner, FFWPU EUME

We finished our online Divine Principle introductory lecture series that took place over three weeks. The main lecturer was Mr. Rainer Fuchs. Altogether we had over 100 participants that applied for this series. Some were joyning online directly and some were watching the recording later at a more convenient time. In the end, we invited the participants to study our pre-recorded 15 Day Online DP workshop from this spring.


Granc Family: “Thank you for this last session, my guest and I enjoyed participating in all three of them. Basically, she is curious on the continuation.”

From the Middle East: “Thank you for excellent DP lectures and nice MC.”

A guest from Slovenia: “I thank you deeply for circle of 3 DP lectures and for your personal insights which made us think and opened our minds. Thank you for your effort and heart! I was always looking forward for those Tuesdays for great lectures of Mr. Rainer Fuchs, bright MC Vicky and sharing of everybody. If possible, I would ask you to send also previous mentioned 15-days Divine Principle recordings and would be very glad to learn from it.”

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