Denmark: 50 Year Anniversary Celebration of FFWPU Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark, October 18, 2020

One year belated we celebrated October 18th the 50-year anniversary of the arrival of the first Austrian missionary, Beate Paul, to Denmark, send by Peter Koch, following instructions from True Parents. Due to Covid-19 we limited the number to 20 participants, and was happy that some members could join instead by Zoom, especially our “lone Icebear” brother from Greenland, Jan Petersen. Among participants were members who have been loyal to Heavenly Parent´s calling for between 20-47 years and still keep the “fire of faith” alive with a grateful mind, especially Thomas Ole Vad, the first Danish member to join in 1972.

The five-hour program included historical photo-presentations, lunch, music and final cake cutting ceremony and many sharing. There were 5 presentations, with a common tread, “heavenly tradition”, that allowed the memories to flow back to the youthful days of humble pioneering life in church centers; times of tribulations and recent hopeful breakthroughs with peace events in the Danish parliament and UN City. The first presentation by Lars Neergaard covered the period 1969-1996, which emphasized the many international campaigns that early members were mobilized for.

The presentation by Thomas and Gertrud Vad (118 couples Blessing 1978) gave a family- angle on the transition from single pioneer -life to that of establishing a blessed family life tradition. Then followed the unique presentation by Yetta Jensen who pioneered the beautiful Greenland from 1980, bringing God´s new truth to the Inuit-people (before named ‘eskimoes’) whose culture have several similarities to Korean culture. In the afternoon National Leader Nobuhiro Igarashi concluded with presentation covering the period from 1996, where the National Messiah´s arrived, until today, especially covering True Parents speaking tour visits to Denmark in 2000, 2005, 2006, as well as Little Angels visit in 2011 – finally arriving to the joyous CheonBo Couple Registrations this year.

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